Would a remake of Horizon Zero Dawn on PS5 really make sense?

The rumors give Sony plans to offer a remaster, or even a remake, of Horizon Zero sunrise on PS5. Interest seems highly questionable.

The Last of Us Part I gave Sony ideas? According to various corridor rumors, first peddled by MP1ST and corroborated by Video Games Chronicle on October 2, 2022, a remaster of Horizon Zero sunriseor even a remake, it could become part of the PlayStation 5 catalog.

The details on the nature of the project are not yet clear: it will be an update, the level of The Last of Us Part I ? Or a less ambitious port, as we have seen many others (example: Tsushima ghost)? We mention: graphic improvements (animations, 3D models, lighting) to be combined with the rendering of the suite Forbidden West Horizonbut also the integration of different accessibility options.

Horizon Zero sunrise. // Source: Sony

A remake of the first Horizon, but for what?

A multi Horizon game?

Guerrilla Games would also work on a multiplayer game in the Horizon universe.

One can really ask the interest of a remake of Horizon Zero sunrise, one of the best games for PlayStation 4 (which already runs great on PS5 thanks to an update). There is a question of timing: the video game developed by Guerrilla Games is only five years old and imagining that the studio completely remakes it makes little sense. Horizon Zero sunrise it’s still very fresh in people’s minds and its visual assets are still strong. Furthermore, we have already doubted the interest of a remake of The last of uswhich will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2023.

The only arguments in favor of a remake are to be found in the accessibility options, which are truly impressive Forbidden West Horizon And The Last of Us Part I. They would allow people with disabilities to fully appreciate the first adventure of heroine Aloy, under much more favorable conditions.

We must not hide the commercial aspect in this persistent rumor. Horizon Zero sunrise is a safe bet in the PlayStation catalog. Following the logic of The Last of Us Part I, Sony will not miss the opportunity to market it again at a high price (80 € in the case of PS5). It’s opportunistic, knowing that a series is currently in preparation for the Netflix platform. The logic of the multinational is relentless: take advantage of a television adaptation to make money on an old game. It is this strategy that is used The last of uswhose series will air in 2023 on HBO.

Horizon: Zero Dawn
Horizon: Zero Dawn. // Source: Sony

Other Sony games deserve a remake

This alleged new version of Horizon Zero sunrise it would probably be a little better if Sony didn’t inflate the PS5 catalog with titles released on the PlayStation 4. Marvel’s Spider-Man, Tsushima ghost, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy or The last of us participate in this feeling of deja vu. On the contrary, the real exclusives can be counted on the fingers of one hand, in the middle Return, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or Demonic Souls (a … makeover).

Admitting that Sony is very busy with these remakes, older games deserve that treatment more. Let’s think about Bloodborne, which comes out regularly in rumors and is far from being a technical model on PS4. Sony could also tap into older licenses, such as Sly Raccoon (which just celebrated its 20th anniversary this year) or Jak & Daxter. We would also dream of a remake of the cult game Iconin the manner of The shadow of the colossus.

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