Window. A history buff, he creates a strategy game about the Hundred Years War

After four years of work and around 300 test games, the vitrean (Ille-et-Vilaine) Laurent Gary has designed Breiz 1341a strategy game based on the beginning of the Hundred Years War and centered on Breton territory.

The game begins in 1341, the year of the death of the Duke of Brittany Jean III, who has no descendants. The plot is planted. Two players, one representing England’s allies and France’s allies, compete to become the new duke. You don’t need to know the story to play. It is an excuseemphasizes the designer.

The map is divided into eight territories, representing the nine bishoprics. For fun, I joined the bishopric of Dol, which is very small, with that of Saint-Malo. On these territories, players must conquer castles and fortified cities, the most formidable of which are Nantes, Brest and Rennes.

Favorable or unfavorable cards

Wooden pawns, cards, a die… The game, for two people aged 14 and over, takes place in six rounds, for games ranging from 45 minutes to an hour of play. player, can be favorable or unfavorable to them. This is the whole trick of the game: you have to play the cards at the right moment, to amplify the effect or minimize the risks.

Between the second and fifth round of the game, historical cards, events such as the great plague, can also influence the progress of the game. Four main actions are possible for the players. They can recruit troops, besiege castles, gather followers (nobles), and wage war (direct combat between troops).

Each camp that will own a territory will be able to own additional resources. To own one, you need both at least one castle and at least one follower.

A game that combines his two passions

Laurent Gary defines himself as a simple history buff. I’ve been there since my teens. I really discovered this subject when I was in high school, it fascinated me, he says. This game combines the two passions of this board game consumer. Breiz 13 41 it’s not his first adventure in the field, as he has already published three amateur games in the past.

For the latter he collaborated with the publisher Shakos and the illustrator Nicolas Treil. The cover of the game illustrates a siege. When I met the illustrator, he mentioned a battle scene. But I told him they rather avoided battles at the time. His gaze then lit up, and so he found this setting. The game will soon be available in specialty stores across the country.

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