Weather: this morning the thermometer approached 0°C, the coolness settles in Occitania

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Autumn arrives and the minimum temperatures drop. They showed between 0°C and 5°C this morning in Occitania. The coming week promises to be fresh and hectic.

Freshness sets in this moment forever. A month into winter, the temperatures, already cool on Saturday afternoon, cooled down this Sunday morning thanks to a clear cloudless sky.

At 7, Meteorological sky recorded 0.6°C in Gourdon (Lot), 1.7°C in Auch, 2.1°C in Millau, 2.4°C in Toulouse, 2.7°C in Rodez, 4°C in Tarbes, 4.9°C in Pau, 5.6°C in Carcassonne, 6°C in Montauban and 6.4°C in Albi. Since then the temperatures are not much milder in the east of Occitania Meteorological sky recorded 6.2°C in Nîmes or 7.9°C in Montpellier.

Remember to dress warmly: we weren’t really used to it!

This Sunday afternoon, the highs will remain low, compared to the mildness known this autumn, with 6°C forecast by Météo France in Rodez, 9°C in Albi and Castres, 10°C in Cahors, 11°C in Toulouse and Montauban, 12°C C in Agen, Carcassonne and Foix and 13°C in Tarbes, Pau and Auch. Remember to dress warmly: we weren’t really used to it!

The showers will come back

As for the sky, showers are announced over the Midi-Pyrénées from France weather by this evening while Languedoc and Roussillon will remain under the clearings with the mistral and tramontana blowing up to 70 km/h gusts. In the Pyrenees, snowfalls are expected at 1400 meters this morning and 1500 meters in the afternoon.

The sun this Sunday morning will give way to showers in the Midi-Pyrenees.
infog. France weather

Rain, storm and cold

A sharp deterioration is expected from this Monday and next week, he indicates The weather channel. A strong storm will arrive from Brittany on Monday. Showers will cross all of France from west to east during the day. They will be abundant in the Pyrenees, especially in the Basque Country. Altitude, The weather channel qualifies the expected snowfall as “abundant” with 1m to 1.50m around 2000m above sea level.

?️ With the strengthening of the disturbed ocean regime, #rains And #to rain will punctuate the weather for next week. Everyone will be affected sooner or later. Precipitation accumulations are expected to be consistent in the southwest and central east.

— The Weather Channel (@lachainemeteo) November 19, 2022

On Monday evening and in the night from Monday to Tuesday, a strong disturbance accompanied by fresh air will rage in the Mediterranean, especially on the Côte d’Azur and Corsica. The mistral could blow stormy on Tuesday.

A new westerly storm will arrive on Wednesday morning with heavy rain and strong winds.

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