Weather Monday 21 November: eventful day, cold in the wind

To remember

new rains they will cross France from west to east, more marked than those of Sunday

rear showers over the Atlantic regions in the afternoon

heavy snow in the mountains above 1600 meters

Strong wind, between 50 and 70 km/h throughout the country, reaching 100 km/h in the evening near the ocean

Evolution compared to yesterday

A new storm crosses France from west to east. It is much more active than yesterday and is accompanied by sometimes heavy rains and powerful gusts of wind. As you will have understood, this bad weather is widespread throughout the country, with a very unpleasant damp and windy coolness.

Detailed weather forecast by region

Of the Brittany to north of Aquitaine, after the heavy rains this morning, in the afternoon you will find some clear spells, interspersed with showers, sometimes even intense and stormy. The wind is blowing hard, up to 70 km/h inland and 90 to 110 km/h at sea this evening, accentuating the feeling of cold.

Min: 6 / 9°C Max: 11 / 15°C

Of the Hauts-de-France garlic Ardennes to Auvergne passing through the Paris Basin as well as the Center and you have much worse weather than yesterday. During the day, heavy rains occur as the very active Atlantic disturbance passes. These rains are sustained and accompanied by gusts at 60 km/h, accentuating the feeling of cold in the wind. Attention this evening, with the snow in the Auvergne, the limit of which drops to 1000 meters in the night.

Min: 2 / 6°C Max: 7 / 10°C

From Great East to the Burgundy to He swears to Rhône-Alpes, after the calm but foggy weather in the morning, it started to rain from mid-afternoon, with wind gusts up to 60 km/h. In the evening it will snow above 1600 meters and care must be taken on the mountain roads at night if accessing the high roads with the risk of snow drifts is foreseen.

Min: 2 / 6°C Max: 7 / 11°C

In the southwest, bAquitaine to Midi-Pyrenees, spend the day in the rain. Be careful because these rains are abundant making the roads very slippery and a raincoat is essential if you go out! This bad weather is accompanied by a strong wind in the evening at 70 km/h. In the mountains, these are blizzard conditions that occur from late afternoon into the night. You must pay the utmost attention if you are in these regions and if you want to travel on the high-altitude road network with the risk of snowdrifts forming during the night from Monday to Tuesday.

Min: 2 / 6°C Max: 11 / 15°C

In the Mediterranean regions, there too there is a worsening compared to yesterday Sunday with the arrival of the rains from Roussillon this morning, which extend to the entire south-east before the evening, with thunderstorms in Corsica. Be careful during the night from Monday to Tuesday with thunderstorms on the island of beauty followed by violent winds at more than 100 km/h as well as heavy snowfalls on the southern side of the Alps, from 1500 meters above sea level.

Min: 7 / 12°C Max: 13 / 16°C

Credit: The Weather Channel

Next trend : after a very rough Monday, it will rain less if you are north of the Loire on Tuesday. Conversely, in the south-west and between Provence, the Côte d’Azur and Corsica, care will have to be taken due to bad weather, especially south of the Garonne and in the Pyrenees where snow accumulations will become very important above 1800 metres. Finally, the mistral and tramontana will blow very hard, at more than 100 km/h

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