we played the new game from the creators of Broforce and

Accustomed to atypical games, the publisher Devolver Digital has collaborated with the South African studio Free Lives (Broforce, Genital Jousting, etc.) to offer us Stick it to the Stickman, a rogue-like unlike any other. To be convinced, it is good to take a look at the description of the game that indicates word for word: “In this rogue, we handle the groin, we fasten, we cut and fart on it, in short: we milk YES, but with a physical engine. Speaking of milk, we also drink a lot of coffee. ” This deserves some clarification!

Don’t look for a knight in armor, a cyberpunk mercenary, or a soldier overloaded with weapons in the game, because the character you play is a simple tertiary employee. Reduced to its simplest expression and made anonymous to the extreme, since it takes the form of a stickman, this anti-hero par excellence is very easily controlled (directions and jumps) but “benefits” from movements influenced by physics, and therefore often extravagant, rubbery and approximate. At first, we therefore think we are dealing with a simple game of jokes or gimmicks as there are so many, especially since the emphasis is particularly on absurd humor. For example, it is possible to commit suicide from the first seconds of the game, while the ringing of a telephone booth hides the menu of invitations to play in co-op. Add to that the presence of a single attack button and it becomes very tempting to call Stick it to the Stickman a simplistic little adventure.

Attach it to the Stickman

Getting started is therefore very simple, but as the difficulty increases, it becomes important to fully understand the effect of each hit and to meet the right enemies at the right time.

Attach it to the StickmanWrongly, because the game actually turns out to be a real rogue-like! Therefore, the combat system is based on a succession of icons permanently displayed on the screen. We therefore always press the same button, but it involves making very different attacks in a cyclical manner. Various bonuses allow you to enhance these shots or add more to the icon line, which induces a notion of strategy, while some casts use limited ammo. If you run out of bullets, the attack automatically switches to the next skill. Getting started is therefore very simple, but as the difficulty increases, it becomes important to fully understand the effect of each hit and to meet the right enemies at the right time. The game mainly uses a 2D profile view and asks us to go from floor to floor in the financial offices, knocking out all the employees one by one, up to the CEO who we must then eliminate to take his place. .


Attach it to the StickmanRogue-like requires, the adventure obviously doesn’t stop there. We then unlock some improvements thanks to the money earned during the previous course, and it is therefore a new employee that we take in hand. This principle might seem repetitive but we played almost two hours without feeling tired. It must be said that we gradually unlock different archetypes of employees, such as the handyman, the jogger, the extrovert, the caffeine addict, the egomaniac, the avoider of tasks or even the delegator. Each of them has their own selection of basic moves, as well as a unique passive ability. The skills are extremely varied and often surprising. Very quickly, classic kicks and other uppercuts give way to coffee cups, glue guns, axes, strangling, wrestling holds, Shoryuken or even levitating objects. . Our favorites for the moment are the power of the force that allows you to exchange for Darth Vader for a few seconds, the sip of coffee that restores some health points and multiplies the damage of the next attack and the dismissal. Based on a play on English words (“you are fired”), this attack can literally inflame our opponents. The success of the game is also due to the interaction with the sets, which can be used to make your life easier. Pushing an opponent through the window or into an electrical cabinet, for example, avoids having to kill them by kicking them. The version we tested was limited to the office building mentioned above, but other levels are planned. We therefore hope that the warehouse, the science center and the airport have even more nice surprises in store for us.

Our degree of expectation

This first contact with Stick it to the Stickman is undeniably positive. Fun, delusional and more varied than it seems at first glance, Devolver’s new find may very well be able to make its mark among the myriad of rogue-likes that have invaded the video game market in recent years. To do this, it can count, among other things, on its ease of access, its physics engine, its relatively original gameplay, its monochromatic and lively art direction, its urban universe, its capitalist theme and its humor. pungent. Count on us to turn the game around during the test, which should arrive somewhere between January and December 2023. The current version already seems very advanced to us, we are betting on the first half of the year rather than the second!

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