Wasquehal coach injured by spectators, game against Reims Sainte-Anne abandoned

The eighth round Coupe de France match between Reims Sainte-Anne, country club 3 and Wasquehal (N2), did not finish this Sunday afternoon. After a fight between players on the grass then near the changing rooms, the coach of the North team was injured in the head by spectators before being evacuated by the fire brigade. The Reims club denies the version of events presented by the Wasquehal club.

Wasquehal’s team coach suffered a head injury in Reims by spectators on Sunday during a Coupe de France eighth-round match against Reims Sainte-Anne that had to be abandoned. “There was a fight and the match was stopped,” the Marne Departmental Directorate of Public Security (DDPS) told AFP, confirming the union’s information. Wasquehal’s club manager was “slightly injured in the head and reserves the right to press charges,” the DDSP continued, adding that no arrests had taken place at this stage.

“It’s a shame, it shouldn’t happen”

According to a statement posted on their Facebook page by Wasquehal’s team, “following the expulsion of two players (one from each team), a general brawl began” during this match of the 8th round of the Coupe de France, where the Reims Sainte-Anne led 3-0. “The opposing fans entered a place forbidden to spectators, our coach Mehdi Izeghouine received a drink on the head and was evacuated by the fire brigade,” the club statement read.

“It’s a shame, it shouldn’t happen,” complained club administrator Didier Cabaye, accusing Reims Sainte-Anne of failing to effectively ensure match security. He points out that if only this manager was injured, from “a beer glass filled to the head”, a Wasquehal club security worker was also kicked in the back.

According to him, “the coach” was attacked by Reims fans “in the corridor leading to the changing rooms”, while the Wasquehal fans “were blocked and could not enter this corridor”.

The denial of Reims Saint-Anne

In the evening, the Reims club wanted to deny it for “that the truth be returned”. The Champagne club swears that no fan has managed to enter the lawn or the changing rooms “thanks to the rapid and effective intervention of our security service”. The Reims Sainte-Anne club claims it has had access to images that invalidate the testimony of the Wasquehal club.

“This video proves that the Wasquehal manager has not suffered any act of brutality from a person, reads the Reims Sainte-Anne press release. However, we still cannot explain his presence in the tunnel at this moment of the match . “. This video also shows that no bullets were fired by a Reims fan. We would like to add that our security service had to cope and was able to contain the Wasquehal fans who are aggressive and vindictive towards our club.”

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