Big war but little strategy

The goal is to pacify neighboring regions and countries hostile to your country’s totalitarian regime. Yes, it’s a lot more fun when you can crush democracy. But why the hell is there freedom, comrade? Obviously, to be taken with humor, is the tone of the game.

Although Warpips highlights its very tactical aspect in its promotional videos, it is actually a very accessible and easy to learn title. There are certainly different levels of difficulty but the experience offered is not a headache with hundreds of parameters to take into account as in many strategy games.

The higher the difficulty, the better the AI ​​manages its base to destroy yours. As mentioned above, the staging is very simplistic. Your camp is on the left and your opponents’ camp on the right. You have to attack and defend at the same time. For this, only one solution: send Pips. Yes, that’s what soldiers are called, hence the name of the game Warpips. We accumulate money, buy Pips of all kinds and send them to death, until the opponent’s base is blown up or vice versa.

Very simple management!

Modeled entirely in pixels, the action takes place in a horizontal arena with a menu at the bottom of the screen to manage our army. As we said above, there is only one resource – money.

It spawns automatically but with an unfavorable frequency and can be obtained by slaughtering enemy soldiers, but not directly in any case. Indeed, the goal is to kill everything that is not on our side, your feats of arms bring you experience points that materialize in the form of medals. These can be exchanged for cash. So kill more to earn more! Long live war capitalism, comrade!

Indeed, his medals are a second and probably the most important resource in the game: in addition to providing income, they also serve to improve the Pips during the game and also increase the number of good guys you can field. Their good management is essential to winning the battle. But in the end, once you understand the mechanics, it doesn’t evolve and remains rather simplistic.

For the army to function, a minimum of management is required and this goes beyond the battlefields. Before launching the army of seeds to the front, the arms dealer is waiting for you. Sells upgrades and soldiers. Stocks of him are randomized and refreshed between each battle. In parallel, the army has a skill tree that needs to be developed to improve hit points, armor, ammo, etc. All this to go to fight again, and further improve his army with what we have won.

Very accessible gameplay!

Originally released on computers, it’s true that Warpips looks like the easiest game type to play with the keyboard/mouse duo. However, joystick in hand is very handy. The controls are very simple. The joysticks do their job of navigating for the camera or the interface perfectly.

To use money, medals or buy units, just one button is enough. Each action is assigned to a button. The adaptation of the gameplay to the controller is almost perfect. Because there is a but, in fact we see that it is very boring to build defense structures. We can select the right place and press the right button, or even all of us when we get angry, the game decided otherwise, except for luck. There are some possibilities that had to be given up, such as automatic fire turrets or protective walls. Despite a very comprehensive tutorial, this part isn’t explained well enough.

But fortunately, there are several ways to achieve victory. Before starting a fight, we can choose what kind of unit we want to have on the field. So if the turrets and other drones don’t respond properly to commands (which is a real problem) we can still work around the problem by choosing options that work.

In part we buy the Pips and other mechanical units, then the army attacks automatically. We don’t target anything and just navigate from left to right. The only thing you can take out is put yourself in defense or attack mode. By pressing the ZL or ZR triggers, you can order soldiers to hide behind a wall or dash through a crowd. We can very well do without it, but it adds another strategic dimension.

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