Warm sweater – the trendiest models!

Goodbye Indian summer. The warm maxi sweater should be the fashion star of this autumn-winter 2022-2023. In fact, even if it never completely goes out of style, some models prove to be more desirable than others every year. Let’s make the point.

Warm sweater – the warmest models for winter 2022-2023

Let’s start with the turtleneck sweater. Having long shunned them from their collections, brands are now full of snug turtlenecks. In fine cashmere worn tight around the neck or in a softer thick ribbed knit… There really is something for all tastes and styles.

Also, we find the turtleneck sweater. The latter benefits from the same side of love as the first model… plus the same anti-cold benefits! With that extra bit of elegance that this simple crew neck item will never have.

We also find the truck driver. Driven by the return of the 90s grunge aesthetic, this piece is making a strong comeback this season. Collar with zip or button placket; loose fit that flows to the hips or tight knit that hugs the shape of the body… the choice is yours.

Other models!

Other models!

For this new season we find the cashmere sweater. It’s the hottest topic right now. How come ? Its unrivaled calorific value. The good news! Today’s cashmeres don’t just keep you warm. Because they also match the big trends for autumn-winter 2022-2023, adopting unusual colors and more fun cuts and patterns.

Finally we find the patterned sweater. There’s no better way to combat the dullness of winter. This season, the patterned sweater is particularly fond of the leopard pattern, cable knits, floral knits and stripes.

How to wear a big warm sweater in winter?

For an easy and everyday look, opt for high-waisted jeans or small black trousers. And settle for casually slipping on a baggy, warm, striped sweater. So, to exaggerate the cool side of this outfit… Add them a pair of trendy sneakers. Or dress it up with a pair of slouchy boots or heeled ankle boots.

For a more feminine look, bet everything on the marriage between the enveloping knit and the most sensual eco-leather. A hot/cold that always works. It doesn’t matter if you fall for leggings or a sixties-style mini skirt to dress up your big sweater.

For an evening look!

For an evening look!

Why not give in to the charm of the very trendy sweater dress this autumn 2022? In reality, the real problem with the big sweater in winter is its volume. Indeed, the latter can not only weigh down the silhouette and make us look rounder than we really are… but it can also be incompatible with most of our coats.

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a coat with drooping sleeves that are loose enough to tuck a fluffy sweater into them without looking too plump or too skimpy. For this reason, we advise you to combine it with a sleeveless down jacket!

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