Village des sciences – The palace of a thousand and one discovery at the NEF in Le Creusot

Since the inauguration this Saturday afternoon of the Science Village at NEF in Le Creusot, the public has not hesitated to rush into this very special world which is science in the eyes of the layman.

Science, on the other hand, is knowledge, knowledge. Without it, you would have trouble making morning coffee or washing laundry.

In any case, among the younger and older, science fascinates because it has this still mysterious side like this pair of polarizing glasses that allow you to see what the eye does not catch. It’s magic. “We demonstrate to a child that a computer screen works with a polarizing film, which without this film he would not see any color” we explain at the Fablab stand.

He sees very well the storms that fall on the territory. He has been a fan for 15 years. Yannick Morey, a laboratory technician by profession in Chalon, is looking for meteorological phenomena. He observes the sky, makes weather forecasts and is even able to predict the size of hailstones ten minutes before they break a roof. Also, “people often call me to bring evidence of a macro tornado _ a mass of water falling violently in a wind of 100 to 150 km / h _ fell on them,” he said. “I receive phone calls from winemakers, farmers who inform me about the weather”. Everything is based on observation and volunteering.

He is also a great photographer for capturing thunderstorms in a flash. He is also equipped with a hypersensitive cell produced in Issy-L’Evêque that allows you to activate the camera according to changes in the light. The result is surprising.

At the entrance to the Village there is the stand of RTE (Réseau Transport Electricité) on which a bicycle with a particular design is presented. It is used to move on high voltage cables, it goes where a spacecraft, sometimes, cannot reach. It is sport at high altitude.

Another attraction that is more reminiscent of science fiction is the one that presents the model of the future flying machine that is developing in the Saint-Elisabeth area of ​​Montceau-les-Mines. A futuristic machine that takes off vertically and moves like an airplane. A very ambitious project that requires a very long research.

In total, 22 exhibitors bring together the flagship of the local industry, students, researchers, schools and universities, research institutes and associations that also offer laboratories. Extremely rewarding. It is a real palace of a thousand and one discoveries, the result of a collaboration between the Grand Chalon and the urban community Creusot Montceau which organizes this event in turn every year.

Remember Leonardo da Vinci considered a scientific genius. Why not you!

Jean Bernard

Open to the public at the NEF of Le Creusot:

  • Sunday 9 October 2022 from 10:00 to 18:00, open all day

Snack on site / Free admission and all the public

The program is available on

From robots to digital creation, from objects connected to virtual reality, passing through science applied to the environment and health … The objectives are many: questioning, awakening to science, encouraging vocations, discovering the avant-garde technologies of two territories!

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