“Victor Wembanyama is unlike anything you’ve seen so far”: America stunned

He had warned:This is the most important match of my life“And he took up the challenge he set for himself. On the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in Las Vegas, in a featured game broadcast on a national channel, Victor Wembanyama did not lose his first match on American soil. Chesnay’s boyfriend exploded. his standards, already very high for an 18-year-old teenager: 37 points, 7/11 from three, 4 rebounds and 5 blocks. Despite the defeat of the Metropolitans 92 of Boulogne-Levallois against the G-League Ignite (122-115), the phenomenon dazzled the press and observers who were however warned by the magnitude of the wave that is announced during the draft of 2023.

The 200 NBA scouts and executives who came to see the show didn’t have to pay for tickets on Tuesday night, but if they did, they wouldn’t be harmed, no matter what the cost.begins the Washington Post. Wembanyama has shown all the skills that make him the number 1 pick in the 2023 draft.“”Have you ever seen a 2.21m player carry the ball like him?“, SportsCenter’s Twitter account asks … 41 million subscribers!” One of a kind, “replies the official NBA account.


37 points, 5 blocks and a furious comeback: Wembanyama has put America at its feet


The future of the NBA is clearly in good hands

Draft Analyst at ESPN, Jonathan Givony, who has been presenting it as the “best perspective in the world“, was not disappointed by the one whose clamor has already widely crossed the Atlantic:”It showed exactly why he is considered a generational talent.“His long distance fight with Scoot Henderson, the other sensation of the next draft”,did not disappoint, they both showed what made them so special. The future of the NBA is clearly in good hands“, Givony again judged on Twitter.

I saw everything I needed to see: 1. Victor Wembanyama, 2. Scoot Henderson, 3-14: You should have made more money or had better luck in the lottery draw“, slice Keith Smith, American journalist.”Victor Wembanyama is unlike anything you’ve seen so far (no, really)“, The title for its part is the Bleacher Report, packed, like all the others, by the gigantic evening of the Frenchie.

One of the greatest drafts since LeBron James

And to insist:Again, we’ve never seen a player like this, so it’s hard to make comparisons. The only names that come to mind when looking at him are a 2.21m Kevin Durant in attack and a more mobile Rudy Gobert in defense. (…) This may be one of the greatest drafts since LeBron James. Potential customers who generate this level of trust don’t show up often. Prospects like Wembanyama never show up … Never. “

It was a great experience “said the hero of the evening.”Can’t wait to do it again. I know we’ll start over in two days, then for the rest of my life.“Here is who, in any case, takes the road …

Victor Wembanyama in Las Vegas, 2022

Credit: Getty Images


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