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Check out the detailed recap of Here It All Begins Season 3 early with episode 507 airing Wednesday, October 12, 2022. Vic the promo villain, that’s for sure … and Théo is about to get caught. Olivia didn’t hear a word from Joachim … it was Ethan the author.

The complete recap of the ITC soap opera of the episode of 12/10/2022 with a preview of #HereEverythingBegins spoilers, everything you need to know.

Vic goes to great lengths to keep Theo in the circle / TF1 screenshot from

Find the full summary ofHere begins the whole episode 507 aired on TF1 Wednesday 12 October 2022 (see the summaries in advance of Here it all begins ): the summary of the previous episode Here everything starts from 11/10/2022 is online. Actualités-Télé.com offers you the full summary of the episode below:

Theo is drunk that Emmanuel is playing the chieftain, he tells Charlene he doesn’t want to crash in front of her father. Charlene thinks she should take this opportunity.

Louis asks the sophomores: he suggests remaking the lasagna with caviar and young leeks. Louis changed her exercise due to Kelly saying she was f ***. Jasmine is angry that she had done a lot of work on the aioli.

Enzo is included in the club and Theo announces to them that he will leave the club … because he has so many new projects.

Olivia confides in Claire that she has a lead for the note: Joachim. Claire tells Olivia that even if it’s Joachim, he’s not her type … because he’s Earth. She imagines him with someone more refined.

Salome here it all begins

Salomé compliments Louis but doesn’t hesitate to be mean to her / TF1 screenshot by

Vic tells Samia and Billie that we need to focus on Theo – he’s the pillar of the circle. Vic is afraid of not progressing to the institute, he decides to return Theo. He will look for his faults in him so that he changes his mind.

Teyssier pressures Theo to get a strong idea for the dessert.

Louis here it all starts

Louis helps Kelly but lying to her / TF1 screenshot by

Louis comes to visit Kelly in the institute gardens: Kelly is drunk, everyone sulks at her. Louis taunts Kelly about her by telling her that her baker father is a loser … He tells her that Claire told him her story.
Thomas had tried the institute’s competition and failed … he was Kelly’s age. Eventually he was forced to take over the family bakery. Thomas Lacroix is ​​furious, jealous of Kelly.
Louis gives Kelly a piece of advice: “work, piss him off … when he sees your name in the papers, he’ll regret not wanting to meet you.” Louis manages to motivate Kelly to outdo herself.

Vic defends Théo, confronts his situation with Hortense and his situation with his father.

Of course, here everything begins

Was Claire jealous of Olivia’s note? / Screenshot TF1 from

Olivia confronts Joachim to find out if he is the note. Joachim says he has nothing to do with this … besides, he is very much in love with Clotilde. Joachim thinks he is a student.
Olivia leaves the note on the table, telling whoever wrote it that she can get it back: it was actually Ethan for Samia.
Samia doesn’t want to be distracted anymore, she wants lessons to be her priority. Ethan puts it in the trash, but once he’s gone … Samia reads it.

Théo thanks Axel for ensuring the service because he had made a mistake in a dish for an allergic customer. The tension subsides between Théo and Axel … Vic watches the scene.

here it all begins

Tension grows between Théo and Emmanuel / Screen capture TF1 by

Here it all begins early episode 507 of 12 October 2022: Theo soon at war with his father

Teyssier congratulates Axel on avoiding Theo’s big mistake in service. She doesn’t understand why Vic is listening to the conversation.

Salomé verified what Louis told Kelly: it’s wrong, Thomas Lacroix never wanted to be a chef. Louis manipulated Kelly but for her sake … Salome thanks him.

Vic reports to Theo that he saw Teyssier talking to Axel and thanking him for catching him red-handed. Vic lies saying that Teyssier said he was forced by Constance to choose him for Real Madrid when he wanted to take Axel. Vic adds to this by explaining that Emmanuel said Theo was useless as a chef.

Ethan here it all starts

Ethan has feelings for Samia, he doesn’t hide it … but she just wants to think about the work / Screen capture TF1 of

The highlights of Here it all starts from 12 October 2022: what to remember

– Claire and Olivia are slowly getting closer
– Joachim was not the author of the message but he was Ethan for Samia
– Vic invents lies and reports them to Theo so that he is even more angry with his father
– Louis manipulates Kelly but to get her to cook better

Our opinion on Here it all begins episode 507 on Wednesday 12 October 2022

The +

  • Good news Chef Cardone will be back! Alexandra Vandernoot resumes filming on ITC in October 2022. She admits in T7j “I really like this character, sometimes horrible, tough and outrageous”.
  • Axel and Teyssier like this bond very much: he is basically kind to his grandson
  • Salomé and Louis between thanks and spades … a tasty scene! (Teyssier and Louis’ answers are particularly clean with humor, irony … it is always very well found)


  • Vic a huge manipulator as Hortense said at the beginning even if no one believed her
  • Samia who rejects Ethan … even if he is not indifferent

Main cast

Agustin Galiana, Benjamin Baroche, Fabian Wolfrom, Aurélie Pons, Nicolas Anselmo, Elsa Lunghini, Frédéric Diefenthal, Terence Telle

Duration of episodes (average)


Keep on The summary Here it all begins episode 508 from Thursday 13 October 2022 with a focus on the protagonists of the soap opera such as the actor Benjamin Baroch who plays chef Emmanuel Teyssier, director of the Auguste Armand Institute, Aurelie Pons who plays Salomé, a young graduate, played by Axel Tommaso Da Costa who plays Teyssier’s nephew e Elsa Lunghi in the role of chef Clotilde Armand as well as Nicola Anselmo who plays Eliott.

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