Unanimity in the Senate against the biodiversity lottery

“Irresponsible”, “greenwashing of the game”: unanimity in the Senate against the biodiversity lottery

The snap of 49-3 in the Assembly had not allowed the deputies to discuss the provision, and perhaps all the better given the welcome given to the Senate. Coming from the Renaissance deputies, the proposal to establish a “lottery of biodiversity” had been taken up by the executive in the finance law considered adopted by the National Assembly. Based on the “Heritage Loto” model, created in 2017 to finance the Heritage Foundation with a part of the income generated by the Heritage Loto, the aim was to finance the French Biodiversity Office through a dedicated Loto. A false good idea, the Senate unanimously replies.

“It’s too important to be left to gamble”

“The specific heritage lottery is quite well identified and has one advantage: it puts the spotlight on the heritage assets that make up France’s identity,” explained Jean-François Husson, LR’s general rapporteur for the budget, who presented a amendment to delete the article in question, before adding: “But here we are dealing with sovereign functions of the State, with missions linked to ecology which deserve very different means. […] It’s too important to be left to gambling. It’s irresponsible. »

Christine Lavarde, Senator LR, also presented an amendment to delete the article and denounces “a return on the measure of 10 million euros”: “It is to despise everything that is done by the ministry, by the French Office for Biodiversity or by Local societies . The senator from Hauts-de-Seine also said she was “quite shocked” to have been invited by the director general of the National Office for Biodiversity to a “lunch-debate on the commitment of companies to conserve biodiversity, with the testimony of Stéphane Pallez, CEO of (…) Read more about Public Sénat

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