Un beau matin, A woman of our time, November … Films to see or avoid this week

A lackluster film about senility, the most disturbing role of Sophie Marceau and a counter-terrorism thriller … What should we see this week? Discover the cinematic selection of Figaro.

November – I have

Detective film by Cédric Jimenez, 1h47

Here we go. In police premises, telephones ring in all directions. Jérémie Renier no longer knows where to turn. It is the evening of November 13, 2015. The film plunges into a reality that no one has forgotten. It describes the events only from the side of the investigators. The choice remains. Action first. It is urgent to denounce this imposture: Cédric Jimenez is the most American of our directors. With him, energy is not a word learned from books. The model of him can be found with Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty . The end remains open. Nothing is certain. Nothing is solved. November shows in unstoppable images that candles and Paris reading is not enough, they will never be enough. Like cinema, counter-terrorism is a matter of professionals. Message received. And. NOT.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – I have

Animated film by Tetsurô Kodama, 1h40

Alfred Hitchcock said: “The more successful the villain, the better the movie will be” ? Well, here’s what just happened to this umpteenth part of the license dragon ball . Written by Akira Toriyama himself, the film, first produced using computer-generated imagery, highlights the Red Ribbon army. The tiny mafia boss with the thin magenta mustache and his bodyguard / driver / henchman Carmine, recruits Dr. Géro’s nephew and manipulates him to create a pair of ultimate Gamma 1 and 2 cyborgs, as well as another mysterious creature by Cell Max. This time, the champions and defenders of Earth are Piccolo, a green Namek fighter with small antennae, who teams up with Gohan. All in all, thanks to the rather cheering service baddies, the show is assured. And from 12 to 30 years old, fans of the saga dragon ballcan have fun … OD

A woman of our time– I have

Drama by Jean Paul Civeyrac, 1h36

Can you be both d’Artagnan’s daughter and Robin Hood’s cousin? Or we would be dealing with a remake of Deliverance with the star of The party reprise the role of Burt Reynolds? Intriguing. Rather swollen too. This woman is Juliane. You are a police commissioner in Paris. He shoots archery, sometimes in a club but mostly in the woods. You also write thrillers. His next book will be different. It is dedicated to her sister Lydia, who died under the wheels of a car in Japan five years before her in unclear circumstances (suicide or accident?). Sophie Marceau carries the quiver with elegance and shoots her arrows with style. A deceptive cinematography. What has long been the favorite personality of the French does not necessarily allow herself the beautiful role in the costume of a vengeful and tragic Amazon. She certainly finds here one of the strongest and most disturbing characters of her career. And. S.

The fighteryou can see

Documentary by Camille Ponsin, 1h 34

At 90, despite being retired, the ethnologist Marie-José Tubiana continues to defend refugees from Darfur. The documentary examines the daily life of a sacred personality. Phone calls, collection of testimonies, she doesn’t stop. We would like to age like this. IN.

Ticket to heavenyou can see

Romantic comedy by Ol Parker, 1:42

After learning that their daughter is about to marry a young seaweed fisherman she just met, a wealthy divorced American couple travel to Bali to sabotage their marriage. On a plot sewn with white thread, in a postcard setting, the tandem Julia Roberts-George Clooney (who has more and more false airs of Cary Grant) still sparkles on the model of “extravagant comedies”, in short. The impossible Mr. Baby Where is it Some like it hot . The charm works sometimes and the film turns out to be enjoyable … but no surprises. OD

A beautiful morningyou can see

Mia Hansen-Love Drama, 1:52

A translator whose father is in decline is not sure what to do with him. The retirement home is necessary. Léa Seydoux is busy, she meets a long lost friend, Melvil Poupaud. All curved, Pascal Greggory plays the little senile. As usual, the director, whose sincerity is not in question, signs a slow, flat, transparent film. Nothing new. And. NOT.

Tori and Lokita – Avoid

Drama by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, 1 h 28

Already not inclined to lightness, the Belgian brothers are increasingly pessimistic. They are not Tori and Lokita, two young African migrants confronted with all the turpitude, which will brighten their already very dark cinema. A lead screed that is too mechanical and predictable to move. The viewer comes out overwhelmed. And. S.

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