Turkey strikes Kurdish areas in Syria after bombing of Istanbul

The PKK and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), supported by Washington, have denied any connection with the November 13 attack in Istanbul, which left six dead and 81 wounded.

The hour of reckoning has come! The bastards will be held accountable for their treacherous attacks“, the Turkish Defense Ministry threatened on Twitter, showing a photo of a plane taking off for a night operation without specifying its location. In the night between Saturday and Sunday 20 November, the Kurdish forces suffered “aerial bombing by the Turkish armyagainst the locality of Kobané, in north-eastern Syria and against two other villages.

The raids come days after the PKK and the Washington-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) rejected Ankara’s allegations that they were responsible and denied any connection to the Nov. 13 Istanbul bombing, which killed six people and wounded 81. According to the SDS, Turkey carried out airstrikes on areas under its control in Aleppo (north) and Hassaké (northeast) provinces, particularly against the city of Kobané, near the Turkish border. “Kobani, the city that defeated the Islamic State, is being bombed by Turkish occupation planes“, announced Farhad Shami, spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF, an armed coalition dominated by the Kurds), who had denied any link to the attack.

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Tensions are growing in the region

More than 20 attacks have been carried out by the Turkish army in the two provinces, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), an NGO based in London and which has an extensive network of sources in Syria. The shelling killed at least six SDF members and six pro-regime soldiers, according to the OSDH. Kurdish forces have not announced any losses in their ranks.

But Farhad Shami confirmed that Turkish shelling targeted sites belonging to Syrian government forces in the provinces of Raqqa and Hassaké (northeast) and Aleppo (north), causing deaths and injuries. SDF Commander-in-Chief Mazloum Abdi also criticized the bombings”aggressive and barbaric“.

The US State Department said on Friday it fearedpossible military action by Turkey“, advising his compatriots not to travel to northern Syria and Iraq.

At war since 2011, Syria is fragmented due to the intervention of multiple foreign groups and powers in the conflict. Between 2016 and 2019, the Turkish military launched three major operations in northern Syria targeting Kurdish militias and organizations. Turkey, whose soldiers are present in areas of northern Syria, has been threatening since May to launch a major offensive against the SDF, which it believes “terrorists“. Ankara says it wants to create a “safe area30 kilometers wide at its southern border.

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