Towards a petrol shortage? The stations are already dry, which is a nuisance for motorists

On Saturday the TotalEnergies strikers renewed their strike action: consequently there would be only two refineries in operation of the eight in mainland France, another strike action that would involve those of Esso-ExxonMobil.

If the Donges (Loire-Atlantique) and Grandpuits (Seine-et-Marne) refineries – in the process of being converted into a “biorefinery” – have, as planned, suspended circulation for this weekend, all other refining sites and deposits of fuel “
I’m still fighting
“, Pedro Afonso, elected CGT at the Feyzin refinery (Rhone), told AFP.

We will launch a strike fund so that it can last
he said of the Feyzin refinery, adding that strikers at other sites wanted to take similar action.

According to the group’s management, this Saturday, however, there was “
only six forwards on Feyzin’s site
“and operations and work in progress”
continue normally
“On the platform that is not”
not on strike

A race in September due to the discount

The CGT believes that recording movement over time could complicate the supply of fuel to service stations. Some have already had to cope with the unavailability of fuel, a consequence of the race of motorists (+ 30% in attendance in September) attracted by a discount on the pump granted by the group to limit price increases.

Questioned on Saturday by AFP, the management of the hydrocarbon giant reiterated the message of the day before, implicitly confirming the tensions on the supply of fuels due to the high turnout, while indicating that “Despite the social movements, the refueling (of the) stations continues as part of the price reduction operation “, using “
additional logistic means

Another consequence of the movement, the closing operations of the Normandy refinery, the largest in France, continued on Saturday.

If this refinery, which accounts for more than 20% of the country’s refining capacity, actually closes, there would be only two refineries in operation of the eight in mainland France, another strike movement affecting those of Esso-ExxonMobil.

Towards a shortage?

In particular, the CGT asks for a 10% salary increase for the year 2022. For its part, the management recalls having granted an average increase of 3.5% at the beginning of the year and refers to the opening of negotiations, initially scheduled for January 2023 and brought forward to mid-November in the current inflation environment.

Consequently, according to RMC, Total has to import fuel from abroad. Only, if the strike continues, gasoline could continue to run out of Total stations, according to a refining specialist. The situation, however, is by no means dramatic according to Francis Pousse, National President of the fuel distributors and new energy section of the Mobiliani union. Guest of “Charles Matin” on RMC this Monday morning, he says there is currently no risk of a gasoline shortage. “We have closed refineries, but the 200 depots in France are still full and stocked. Furthermore, we have in France, as in all European countries, what we call strategic stocks which represent 90 days of stocks destined to respond to a serious crisis. These strategic stocks can be used, on the orders of the government, to fill depots where fuel is lacking, so today there is no risk of a shortage, “he said.

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