Titanfall could return in Battle Royale

As Apex Legends slowly enters the second half of its fourteenth season, dataminers have spotted files related to various Titanfall 2 maps in its latest patch. A return that would be linked to the future Capture Point game mode.

[Mis à jour le 3 octobre 2022 à 12h14] Apex Legends continues its success story by remaining one of the most popular Battle-Royale of the moment. Respawn Entertainment’s game continues to see tens of millions of players per month, a success largely due to its legacy from the Titanfall game series. Where Titanfall 2 was a commercial failure, Apex Legends quickly took the highly competitive BR market by storm, gradually hitting the 100 million monthly player mark. Except for a while, players have been waiting for something new on the Respawn title, just under a year after the release of its latest map, Storm Zone. And these innovations could very well come in the form of a new game mode, which could also take the place of the Titanfall 2 cards.

Before starting this article, you should know that this information needs to be taken with a grain of salt. The Insider-Gaming site, including articles by respected industry insider Tom Henderson, recently revealed that the Titanfall 2 assets were mined in the recent Apex Legends patch. The user Kralrindo found nine multiplayer maps of Titanfall 2 in the Battle Royale files, an addition that could be linked to the upcoming arrival of the Capture Point LTM PvP game mode. The nine cards found are as follows:

  • Exoplanet
  • Farm
  • City of Angels
  • Black water channel
  • graveyard
  • Location of the crash
  • climb
  • Eden
  • colony

The arrival of a more classic FPS mode in Battle Royale had long been anticipated, following the success of Team Match on Apex Legends Mobile. Titanfall fans will likely be able to find some familiar surroundings as well as weapons from their universe. This integration should normally not contain essential elements of Titanfall 2, namely the wall-run and the Titans.

new legend

At the moment, we don’t know the full extent of the changes that the season of Predation will bring to Apex Legends. But we already know that it will be accompanied by a new legend. Vantage, as she is called, is a young woman of Latin American origins, specialized in distance shooting and fighting for the rights of her mother Xenia Contreras, unjustly imprisoned. Vantage also has a small companion, a bat, she has various skills including an enemy marking skill, a snap on her pet, and a maximum that increases her sniper damage. As for the rest of the content of season 14, we will have to wait a little longer with the reveal of the gameplay trailer of the 1 August next.

It was requested when the game was released in 2019, crossplay was finally implemented on Apex Legends in October 2020, and has been active by default on all platforms since then. It doesn’t affect your solo games, but it does define the type of players you encounter when playing as a team with your friends. If you’re all on the same platform, the players in front of you should mostly be using the same console. If you are on different consoles, your lobbies will be populated by a mix of players from different platforms. Console players can optionally disable crossplay in the game options.

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