They name their player of the month like in the FIFA game

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At the Crémade football team (Saïx-Sémalens), every month, a player is elected by his peers and is entitled to his personalized card as in the video game reference, the latest version of which has just been released.

Reference of the football game on consoles, FIFA 23 was released on September 30th. Worldwide success with over 325 million games sold since its inception, all football fans have already played with their favorite team, controller in hand.

Crémade players (Saïx-Sémalens) are no exception to the rule. “Almost everyone plays there and we are also thinking of doing a tournament”, confirms Yannick Carivenc, 27, son of the club, who wanted to talk about Crémade, especially on social networks. “My two brothers, Thibaut and Loïc, who play with me, gave me a physical card for my birthday like in FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode, with funny notes. It gave me the idea of ​​celebrating the player of the month for the club. “

How does it work ? “Every month we take all the players on team 1 who have at least one scoresheet. Each player has one vote and the coaches have double the votes. The one with the most points is elected player of the month. We will also throw him for team 2. Fa talking to people in the locker room is a small recognition “.

Ratings from 0 to 100 for player characteristics

Launched immediately after the Covid period, everyone gets involved and several players have already been rewarded. Last example: Amaël Delaplace was named player of the month in September, ahead of Mickaël Tichit, Loïc Carivenc and Jean-François Tondo. “In September the pennant team played three games, two of which in Coupe de France and one in the league, with three different outcomes: win, draw and defeat. During these 3 matches, Amaël will have positioned himself differently in his heart. of the game.: once in 6, then in 8, for the last match to find himself in 10. But wherever he is on the pitch, “Monsieur Crampe” stood out for his qualities and his many competitions, which sometimes it cost him a lack in the last gesture “, sums up the club.

Like his predecessors, he was treated with his personalized card, which never lacks humor, as evidenced by his mysterious “?” attributed to the physicist. “We take this opportunity to fake a bit. We’ve already given negative ratings to some for their speed,” laughs Yannick.

This should give other clubs insights. Like the famous Panini albums, customized by the Payrin and Briatexte clubs.

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