These Frenchmen who change duvets to spend the winter at 19 degrees

Antonio Guillem / Getty Images / iStockphoto Sales of duvets have increased as a more “sober” winter approaches in France.

Antonio Guillem / Getty Images / iStockphoto

Sales of duvets have increased as a more “sober” winter approaches in France.

POWER – “The most effective thing is to turn down the air conditioning a little (…) and try to settle for a heating reference around 19 ° C in the room. If we make this small collective effort, the country will be able to achieve its sobriety goals quite spontaneously. “ This is the call launched by Emmanuel Macron on 5 September to present the main lines of the “plan of sobriety” government facing the risk of shortages and rising energy prices.

If this crisis weighs heavily on the French, on homes and businesses, the strategy of small gestures has won some. In this shop in downtown Nancy, for example, sales of thermal underwear took off in early October. The Web site “Fresh hot water bottle”contacted by The echoesit also saw its orders triple in September.

And to become more “sober”while autumn should seriously settle in France, some French are counting on another product: down.

An “advance”

Since the beginning of September, duvet sales have doubled at Dodo and Drouault, two bedding brands belonging to the same French group. Requests for “warm” and “very warm” duvets. tripled and even quintupled in the first weeks of September, when “sobriety” was in the news.

“This sector is very dependent on the climate: when it’s cold, there are more and more requests. But we are here in a somewhat particular case, because the temperatures are above the norm for the season “analyzes Jonathan Hannaux, deputy director of the Dodo group, interviewed by The HuffPost.

“He expected the drop in temperatures in apartments and houses, which prompted the French to buy duvets and blankets”, he continues. Also on the side of the group’s public markets, such as hospitals, retirement homes or prisons, which have also increased orders.

“There is really a consumer questioning”

Other brands make the same observation. This is the case of the Castex factory, which produces high-end natural duvets. In September, with the drop in temperatures, the number of orders increased by 17% compared to 2021. Despite the slowdown in the trend at the end of October, after an exceptionally hot month, it remained slightly up.

“There is really a questioning of the consumer on the subject of energy sobriety”explains Béatrice Nalpas-Cala, Castex Director of Operations, contacted by The HuffPost. The brand’s customer service has indeed noticed this “many references related to heating, the warmth of the duvets, the specificity of the feather which is highly insulating, thermoregulated and breathable”, she says. The Dodo group also noticed an increase in visits to pages on its website containing advice for choosing your own duvet.

At Abeil, a bedding brand based in Aurillac, Cantal, we note a “higher demand for warm winter duvets”, in particular from large retailers (the brand supplies, among others, Carrefour, Conforama, Casino and Leclerc), according to Mélanie Prat Guillem, Sales & Marketing Director. The trend last year was more for the tempered down jacket, that is, with a lighter filling fiber.

Brands obviously have this concern

Some brands reacted promptly to this request, while the issue of energy sobriety was raised by the government this summer. “To solve this problem of sleeping warm with a thermostat that does not activate above 19 ° C or less depending on the environment, the natural down duvet is THE solution”boasts the Castex factory on its website.

This year Abeil has also launched a new range of duvets intended for environments with temperatures below 18/19 ° C. Dodo has also developed his own, called “energy saving”produced at the Saint-Avold plant in Moselle, “Echoing energy inflation and government announcements”. “We have a lot of component stocks, which allows us to react very quickly.”welcomes Jonathan Hannaux.

However, all portfolios seem affected by this concern. The Abeil label, for its part, reports a ” worry “ on the price of the product. “In connection with the increase in the price of raw materials and all the increases that the French are experiencing, people are refocusing on the first price”, observes Melanie Prat Guillem. At Castex, which manufactures high-end products, the average shopper’s shopping cart ” increased “which is “partly linked to an adjustment of sales prices at the beginning of the school year but also to a transfer of purchases to warmer and therefore more expensive duvets”.

A purchase “So much easier because people tell themselves they are investing in 5, 6 or 7 years”, believes Jonathan Hannaux. Enough to prepare for future more sober winters, as the International Energy Agency is already warning of the risk of a gas shortage in 2023-2024.

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