The TikTokeurs lock themselves up “In the Manor” to pass on their knowledge

TikTok followers know them by their nicknames: WonderWomath, Mr Rêveur, TimThc, Athéna Sol, Monsieurlechat94, Misteraenglish and YannToutCourt. Among them, they have several million subscribers and their videos are widely followed and commented on. On a social network, where it is customary to switch from one “reel” to another, they manage to capture the attention of young and old by talking to them about history, French, mathematics, drawings or physical chemistry.

Rather difficult issues that they manage to disclose without getting tired. Creators of educational content in their free time, in civilian life they are all teachers. And they are all friends in life. It is far from their classrooms that they answered the call of the String Theory agency, which specializes in the creation and dissemination of scientific and educational videos when it asked them to participate in a fiction entitled In the Manor. Leaving them the keys to the scenario, where everyone can talk about the topic he prefers, including it in a mysterious story, in a haunted property where doors slam, conducted as an escape game.

“We were offered a web series that would mix fiction and disclosure. The sharing of knowledge was not meant to be a parenthesis but in the narrative story. During the episodes different disciplines are recalled. The interest for us was to live a new experience, imagine and experiment with a new, longer format ”, says Yann Bouvier, a teacher living in a high school in the Toulouse area.

Distil their knowledge throughout history

They took advantage of the school holidays this summer to shoot. And test their acting skills. In each episode, everyone has to give some of their knowledge, just to break the curse of the place. And they have it in stock. Yann himself chose to play the “Terror” card. It is not about being afraid. But rather the ambition to explain the functioning of the Revolutionary Court which sentenced 2,639 people to death between 1793 and 1795. Listening to his explanation, the model of Playmobil in support, we immediately understand that we have a lot of a priori. “I wanted to popularize, awaken critical thinking by deconstructing a number of received ideas without being boring. He explains that if we go through this court, we don’t necessarily end up on the gallows ”, explains the one who had innovated on Twitter by telling the tragic fate of a soldier of the Great War for four years.

And since knowledge cannot be condensed into minutes, the YouTube channel also provides information or sources for those wishing to delve into this period of France’s history. In episode 3, Tim plays him by the sorcerer’s apprentices. Or rather he uses sympathetic ink to reveal the secrets of the visible and the invisible, of ultraviolet and electromagnetic waves. Finally, we improve our knowledge of English in Ireland, thanks to Misteraenglish. Undoubtedly, in the episodes (nine in total) yet to be revealed, humor will mix with science and knowledge.

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