the renovation of the Paris City Hall on the sale of the Parc des Princes and the new stadium

Since yesterday, the pressure has been mounting between the PSG and the Paris town hall. In discussion, the question of ownership of the Parc des Princes that the club from the capital would like to obtain, but it seems far from certain. Nasser Al-Khelaïfi banged his fist on the table and since then rumors of a change of stadium (Stade de France or other places like Poissy or Saint-Cloud) have flourished.

Voices to which Emmanuel Grégoire, first deputy mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, responded to the microphones of Sud Radio. And the pressure clearly changes sides, the latter being the first to ensure that he understands the wishes of PSG.

“We have a good relationship with PSG, the city club. It is a historic club and has our full support at a sporting level. It turns out that PSG have a lot of ambitions for the club and therefore want to upgrade the Parc des Princes. Two things, renew it because it’s a bit old. It underwent a refurbishment in the early 2010s but is in need of major renovations. And secondly, the idea is really to increase its capacity. […]They have a 30-year lease, they lease the Parc des Princes to the city of Paris, which owns it. But he would like to start an investment phase and they say – I understand their shareholder logic – we will only enter 500 or 600 million euros of work if we are owners. »

But the deputy mayor nonetheless assures that the sale of the Parc dei Principi to PSG is by no means a priority on the part of the town hall, which assures that it wants to continue renting the park and not to give in to Parisian pressure.

“For us, it is not our priority option to sell them the Parc des Princes. It is the heritage of the city, of the Parisians. Today there are discussions going on in the city. We told them that we, even before knowing if we wanted to sell, would have to agree on a price. It is very clear that today we have not yet reached the end of these discussions. Could there be blackmail? I don’t like the word blackmail but without a doubt, in negotiating tactics, it can be compared to pressure. I don’t think this is the right method. We are not sensitive to any pressure and I am not sure if it is to the taste of the fan clubs… Paris Saint-Germain and Parc des Princes, it is an intimately linked story. We could imagine OM leaving the Vélodrome, Lens leaving Bollaert, no. (…) To be more precise, it is not our priority option to sell the Park. Our priority option is to stay on this lease mode, long term rental. […]Options are on the table, clearly not our preference and they know it. »

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