The ranking of the 10 coldest cities in France

And the winner is… Langres! The commune of Haut-Marne is the coldest city in France, among communes with more than 5,000 inhabitants. It is Météo-France that says it!

We complain when it’s too hot, we complain when it rains too much. It won’t take long for us to complain that it’s cold. December 21st will be winter. And while temperatures have dropped dramatically in recent days, this is an opportunity to recall that in the list of the coldest cities with more than 5,000 inhabitants in France, Langres still holds… the gold medal!

In this ranking, based on readings from Météo-France, there are no surprises: the North and the Great Orient share the places in the Top 10.


The city of Oise is in tenth position with an average annual temperature of 10.7°C. Its cold record, set on January 28, 1954, is -19.7°C.


Even in the Moselle there is no heat. Metz has an average annual temperature of 10.7°C. Like Beauvais, actually, but its record cold, set at -23.2C on February 17, 1956, puts it ninth.

8 ️ ⃣ Valenciennes

In the Ch’Nord, Valenciennes recorded a low average annual temperature of 10.6°C and a record freshness of -14.9°C, set on January 7, 2009.

7 ️ ⃣ Abbeville

The Somme city is closely followed by Valenciennes, with an equivalent mean annual temperature (10.6°C), but a record cold of -17.4°C, recorded on 17 January 1985.

6 ️ ⃣ Arras

Arras rhymes with ice cream. The city of Pas-de-Calais, with an average annual temperature of 10.5°C, occupies fifth place in the ranking. In 1987, it recorded its coldest record with -14.1°C on January 12, 1987.

5️⃣ Chatillon-sur-Seine

With its 262 m of altitude, the city of the Côte-d’Or ranks fourth. Its average annual temperature is established at 10.4°C with a very… refreshing -22.4°C felt on January 9, 1985. It was not the time to forget the gloves!

4️⃣ Charleville-Mézières

Ah, the Ardennes… Chilled abstain! At the foot of the podium is Charleville-Mézières. On average, it’s 10°C up there… and -17.5°C on the 1stum January 1997. Hangover and tonic awakening.

3 ️ ⃣ Epinal

It’s not just an image: it’s cold in Epinal. The commune of the Vosges, with an average temperature of 10°C and a thermometer dropped to -18.9 on January 12, 1987, won the bronze medal for the coldest cities.

2 ️ ⃣ Nancy

At 336m above sea level, Nancy is adorned in silver. The prefecture of Meurthe-et-Moselle has a normal average annual temperature of 10°C… and a cold record set at -19.1°C on January 12, 1987. It was not nice to go out in Lorraine that day, definitely !

1️⃣ Langres

Tadam, drum roll… In the category of the coldest cities in France, I call Langres. At an altitude of 466m, the commune of Haut-Marne requires a coat, hat and gloves in winter. Langrois have cold hands, but they make up for it with warm hearts. Langres is the only city in France to drop below 10°C in average annual temperature (9.8°C). His cold record? He shivered at -21.2°C on February 2, 1956. Little player, retort the inhabitants of Mouthe. The city of Doubs holds the absolute coldest record recorded in France, with -41°C in 1985!

Delphine Catalifaud

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