The PS5 has been jailbroken, the first pirated games are coming

Next month, Sony’s PS5 will celebrate its second birthday. With the many problems related to the shortage of components, we find it hard to tell us that two years have already passed since the arrival of the “next-gen” consoles on the market. Still, this is indeed the case and one of them, the PlayStation 5, has just been jailbroken. In other words, the hackers managed to breach the security of the machine by allowing them to access illegal content for free including most of the PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 and of course PS5 games.

The PS5 hacked

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It was once again through social networks and in particular Twitter that we learned the information. The PS5, Sony’s latest console available from November 2020, has just been jailbroken. This means that the hackers have managed to hijack the security systems of the machine and can now have access to all the possibilities of the machine, including the installation of games and applications not approved by Sony.

Australian streamer Lance McDonald (who has over 20,000 followers) shared a video on Twitter. Nothing sensational in the latter, we only see the menu of a PS5, visibly modified with additional options in the menus. On the other hand, the most interesting thing is that several Sony executives have confirmed that the jailbreak is genuine.

For the moment, this jailbreak will have no consequences. The technique used by the hacker is very complex and the latter will not allow most players to do it on their own. According to the first details, the hacker found a flaw in the PS5s that access the Internet via the IPv6 protocol. He was able to load his own code to access the console’s basic settings with the special parameters used by developers to produce their games.

Through a jailbreak it is therefore possible to further customize your machine with themes and a new interface. You can download and install the latest PS5 games for free, but also access, download and install free (and illegally) PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 games.

Of course, jailbreaking is a crime. This is completely illegal and can lead to legal action. If you decide to jailbreak your PS5, the warranty will be voided and you will be banned from PSN if you connect your console to the internet.

Sony PS5

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