the ministry publishes “reinforced” specialty programs, but not in all disciplines

Many teachers were disappointed when they discovered, on the evening of Friday, September 30, the Official Bulletin of National Education unveiling the new programs for the specialization maturity exams. The Minister of National Education, Pap Ndiaye, announcing that the rehearsals would take place from 20 to 22 March despite the criticism of the educational community about the precocity of these dates, assured the teachers his attention for their “concerns” on the heaviness of the programs and had promised to do so “squeeze” for “to guarantee the best conditions to take these tests”.

In this sense, the thirteen specialties are not all in the same boat. Some disciplines have been reduced in terms of chapters or notions to be covered before March, such as those of foreign and regional languages, literatures and cultures (LLCER), life and earth sciences (SVT), physics-chemistry or economics and social (SES). In these last three themes, the changes are added to those already approved in summer 2021 compared to the initial program, presented in February 2020.

The teachers, however, consider these reductions too marginal and insufficient to allow a peaceful learning until March. In SVT, for example, the withdrawn item represents about two hours of class, according to teachers.

“Completely excessive”

“The planned program remains completely disproportionate and totally out of step with the reality of the learning rhythms of high school students, also regrets, in a press release, the SES teachers’ association, subject in which one of the eight chapters has been deleted from the recitals. Worse still, for teachers having started with this chapter, there will be no development. “

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In physics and chemistry, two parts were withdrawn from the program. “It represents about six hours of lessons, so we save a week”calculated Damien (who wishes to remain anonymous), associate professor of physics and chemistry in a high school in Pas-de-Calais. According to him, however, more should have been done: “Since this summer, I have reviewed my work at the mill to take a few minutes here and there. I already know that I have little chance of completing the program, and if I do, I know that only a few students will be able to truly appropriate the content. “

Teachers of other subjects fell into a misunderstanding when they discovered a “tight” program identical to last year. In mathematics (a specialty of 37.5% of seniors in 2021), the program was changed last year, but this year the requests for concessions from teachers remained a dead letter.

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