the FFF allegedly stifled an interview on homophobia because of Lloris’ answers

The French Football Federation (FFF) would have made sure never to publish a clip that fights against homophobia, assures Yoann Lemaire, president of the Foot Ensemble association, to Stop on images. Hugo Lloris’ comments would not have been up to the challenge.

Would the French Football Federation (FFF) have gone to great lengths to bury a clip made with several players from France to fight homophobia? This is what Yoann Lemaire, former player and president of the Foot Ensemble association, affirms to the journalistic investigation Stop on images.

Last March, PanamBoyz & girlz united president and journalist Yoann Lemaire and Bertrand Lambert managed to persuade the federation to produce an awareness video for young players and coaches. Upon their arrival in Clairefontaine, Yoann Lemaire and Bertrand Lambert already face a first disappointment. Of the 24 players from France, only three will participate in the clip: Jules Koundé, Jonathan Clauss and Hugo Lloris, the captain.

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Yoann Lemaire: “He (Lloris) was next to the plate”

According to Yoann Lemaire, if Clauss and Koundé’s responses were up to the challenge, Lloris’s, on the other hand, were more than disappointing. “He was off target. I asked him about the homophobic insults, about the ‘fuck you dirty fagot’ that you hear in the stands and on the bench. Lloris replies that it’s ‘folklore’, which is the ‘language of football'”, Yoann Lemaire recalls for Stop on images.”Compared to the comments made by his two teammates, it was day and night, adds Bertrand Lambert. Lloris gave a speech of infinite banality, the answers were really heartbreaking”.

According to Stop on images, which was able to view the images sent to the FFF, Lloris first assured that he was “against all forms of discrimination” and that “homophobia has no place in society”. Before laughing at a question about homophobic insults heard on the fields and in the stands and talking about “folklore”. “When you’re on the pitch, it’s part of the furniture, the fans sleeping, you can be insulted. If necessary, you can use it as additional motivation in adversity, you want to fight on the pitch,” he said.

The clip has never been released

Yoann Lemaire still decided to send the rushes to the Federation. According to him, the body led by Noël Le Graët did not hear from him for six months before sending him an early version of the five-minute clip. In it, only a few “drunk” phrases of Lloris have been preserved as well as the words of Clauss and Koundé, assures the president of Foot Ensemble to Stop on image.

While Yoann Lemaire was hoping for a release before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, the clip hasn’t been released to date. “Frankly, I think the FFF never wanted to broadcast this clip…”, whispers Yoann Lemaire.

These Freeze Frame revelations come as the use of a rainbow-colored “One love” armband has sparked heated debate for several days. While the file was reopened on Friday by the Minister of Sport, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, it was definitively closed by Hugo Lloris on Monday. The French captain assures that he prefers to stay within the framework set by FIFA.

“I rather want to say that Fifa organizes the competition, defines a framework, rules and what we are asked, players, is to play football, represent our country in sport, he assured at the press conference. in my framework, that of a player and a competitor. There are in fact several worthy causes, which must be supported. Fifa decides on the organization.

In a desire not to offend the organizers of the World Cup, in a country where homosexuality is illegal, Fifa asked on Saturday, through the voice of its president Gianni Infantino, that all captains wear a different armband every day from the matches. promoting social messages such as “Football unites the world” or “Share the meal”. According to the Guardian, FIFA may even send an official to the dressing rooms before matches to remove any ‘OneLove’ bracelets.

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