The banned “Budweiser” beers will be distributed to the fans of the winning country

Screenshot of Twitter @Budweiser beer

Screenshot of Twitter @Budweiser

Thousands of Budweiser beers could not be sold in Qatar stadiums after a last-minute ban from FIFA.

FOOTBALL – The prize will be double for the future World Cup winning nation. In fact, this will start with the trophy of one of the most prestigious sporting competitions in the world, but not only: the beers of the Budweiser brand, sponsor of this World Cup in Qatar, whose sale has been prohibited at the last minute. stadiums, will be distributed to their fans.

We will organize the final celebration for the winning country. Because for the winning fans, they took over the world Anheuser-Busch InBev, the parent company of the American brand, said in a statement sent to CNN on Wednesday, Nov. 23.

This follows a tweet posted earlier in the week that showed the giant stock of hop drinks in a warehouse. ” New day, new tweet. The winning country wins the Buds. Who will have them?wrote Budweiser. We will give you more details closer to the final stages. “, he promised this time in the press release.

The timing of the announcement by FIFA (International Football Federation) to ban the sale of alcohol around the eight stadiums of Qatar, to align with the restrictions imposed by the authorities of Qatar, a conservative Muslim emirate, caused many to shiver.

“I think we can survive without beer for three hours »

Some fans like to have a beer during a game, some don’t. But the real point is that this last-minute change illustrates a bigger problem: the organizing committee’s total lack of communication and transparency towards the fans. “, had notably deplored the Association of British Football Supporters (FSA) in the columns of the New York Times.

“Personally I think you can survive without beer for three hours. Whether in France, Spain, Scotland,” had retorted in the wake of Gianni Infantino, president of the largest body in world football, in response to this discontent.

Anheuser-Busch InBev, partner of the competition since 1986 which this year had disbursed almost 72 million euros according to The Guardianfor his part, he regretted a decision taken” out of his control “. According to the British newspaper The sunthe group also plans to request a $48.2 million discount on the deal for the 2026 World Cup held in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

In Qatar, the sale of alcohol is still authorized for a limited time in some fan zones, including FIFA, as well as in the VIP areas of stadiums which offer special packages. Prices can however be quite dissuasive (14 euros per pint BFMTV relay). Last alternative for the fans? Soft beers, available everywhere.

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