“Take us for idiots!” : Did Camille Cerf pay to go to Star Ac’? She reveals the truth

Big surprise for the students of the star academy, and especially for Louis who is a big fan: Camille Cerf made an appearance in the show’s newspaper on November 23, 2022. A great honor for the former beauty queen who has declared that she is an unconditional fan of the show. “Hi everyone, I don’t know if you’ve watched the newspaper Stellar Academy but it’s kind of a dream of mine that came true. You could tell I was in the Star Academy”, she confided on Instagram, very grateful. In fact, she went to the showcase organized in recent days in Paris, an event during which the four finalists – Léa, Enola, Anisha and Louis – performed their songs for the first time originals in front of an audience.

Target of criticism on social networks, several internet users however thought it was impossible that Camille Cerf wanted to come to this showcase, or meet the candidates. Amused by her comments, Sylvie Tellier’s former protégé thus revealed several messages posted on Twitter regarding her visit to the students of Dammarie-Les-Lys. “Camille Cerf: “I came from Lille on purpose”… yes, take us for idiots too“,”I have nothing against Camille Cerf but what is the relationship with the song“,”Was Camille Cerf paid to come or did she come of her own free will?” we can read in the story of Thé Fleury’s companion.

I really went back and forth!

Wishing to set the record straight, Camille Cerf wanted to explain why she went to the students of the Star Academy.It’s that I’m in contact with Sony because I don’t know if you remember that I had contributed to a cover album of northern songs and therefore it was produced by Sony, and since then I’ve been going to events with Sony regularly like for example the concert with Harry Styles there recently, and there when they saw that I was a fan of the Stella Ac’ and that there was a showcase so they invited me, I was warned a little last minute and so I really did the round trip I have the train from Lille to go to Paris and meet the students“, she confided in an Instagram story. A journey she did not take alone but accompanied by her lover, a trip by TGV documented in her Instagram story a few hours before the showcase.

Confident, the former Miss France added: “So here’s the truth, I didn’t know that it was going to be an autograph session, that there was going to be a sequence in the daily“. Calling this moment a lot “nice“, he also confided that his darling was until then the candidate Léa. But after his meeting with the four finalists, Miss France 2015 assured that he had “very difficult to choose“.

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