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To create a buzz for the holidays, Swarovski invites you to purchase a sublime pair of earrings designed for Bella Hadid!

Are you looking for the new accessory that will add a touch of style and elegance to your party outfits? Look no further, Swarovski has just unveiled a brand new pair of earrings that will make you succumb ! Created in honor of Bella Hadid, it is already unanimous on social media.

Incredibly elegant Hyperbola earrings

We no longer introduce you to the famous brand Swarovski. Each new collection of the brand is a great success. And for good reason… The brand stands out as a true reference in the world of jewelry and crystal objects.

His latest creations are no exception to the rule. The trend is towards elegance and sophistication for this special collection for end-of-year celebrations.

The brand also announces: Our Christmas earrings and party accessories are designed to shine. Choose your Swarovski jewelry for the holidays and wear multiple necklaces, bracelets and rings to create a glamorous look. »

The earrings, Hyperbola model, are part of this sublime Swarovski collection. Designed by artistic director Giovanna Engelbertwe couldn’t miss this incredible couple.

With their curved silhouette, these the sculptural earrings are exquisitely crafted. They feature a mix of stepped and brilliant cut colorless stones, giving them a touch of elegance. Wear them with a simple turtleneck sweater or combine them with other items from the Hyperbola family to enhance the drama of your look. » then reveals the director on the brand’s eshop.

Ideal for accessorizing your party outfits, you will cause a sensation when wearing them. Your loved ones will only have eyes for you for your Christmas or New Year’s dinner.

Attention! The brand warns the same: Swarovski crystal is a delicate material that needs to be handled with special care. To keep your Swarovski products in top condition for a long time, we recommend that you do this store your jewelry in its original packaging or in a soft case to avoid scratches. Also avoid contact with water. »

Swarovski creates a pair of earrings in honor of Bella Hadid!

Swarovski creates a pair of earrings in honor of Bella Hadid!

Bella Hadid sublime for the Swarovski campaign

For this campaign, Swarovski has set the bar very, very high. In addition to offering his loyal customers of exceptional piecesthe brand has designed these jewels in honor of Bella Hadid.

The most famous and recognized model in the world, the young woman is therefore the image of Swarovski Christmas campaign.

Bella Hadid is therefore sublime wearing the new Swarovski jewels. On social networks, on the street or in Swarovski boutiques, her porcelain face and her deep gaze are making a lot of noise!

The Hyperbola model earrings are also part of these selected jewels to represent the Swarovski universe by Bella Hadid. They will therefore undoubtedly become the emblematic model of the season!

This pair, crafted in rhodium plated and cubic zirconia, brings a real touch of elegance and style. Even the reflections of the white crystals give a lot beautiful lights in the face, especially at night.

For become the proud owner of these Hyperbola model Swarovski earrings, go to the website or in the shop. Priced at 500 euros, you won’t regret this new purchase!

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