SUTOM November 21, 2022: what is the word of the day? (Solution with clues and answer)

Derived from the excellent but obsolete MOTUS game show presented by Thierry Beccaro, SUTOM is the digital version, playable on any web browser, PC and mobile phone. The principle is identical to that of his predecessor, but it is certainly not useless to recall the various rules, for those who in his time would not have followed them, immediately after offering you the clues and the answer to the word of the day on a plate.

Sutom players from November 13, 2022, welcome. Find here the answer to your word of the day, but also solutions from the day before and much more. Also find help for your free online game thanks to our article that can help you play, with some homemade clues.

6 letter word: clues and answer from Sutom for Monday, November 21, 2022


To help you find the word of the day, here are a few clues before revealing the answer:

  • Our special video game-oriented MGG clue: In God of War, Tyr is a God who was… by many
  • It’s a 6-letter word that starts with Ve
  • It is a verb (conjugated)
  • There’s an N somewhere

Solution and definition

And finally, if you still haven’t found it, here it is today’s answer :

  • The answer to today’s Sutom is:
  • Main definition of the word according to the dictionary Larousse :
    “To render to God, to a saint, the worship that is due to him”.

Do you play other versions of Sutom? Don’t panic, we have the daily answers for these too

Word of the day on La Parola – Wordle IT :

Word of the day about Tusmo :

Perfect for passing the time or for everyday brainstorming, word games like Wordle and Sutom are all the rage right now. Fortnite players have even developed the “Fortle”, a universe-focused equivalent of Battle Royale!

How to play SUTOM?

  • direct you to the game site
  • The player has 6 attempts to win the game by guessing the word of the day
  • This mysterious word consists of from 6 to 9 lettersand is common to all users on a given day. It changes, of course, at midnight.
  • The player cannot formulate compared to proposals starting with the imposed letter (and which are part of the in-game dictionary)
  • After validating a test, the box it includes a well-placed letter will be filled in with red
  • The box that contains a letter that is part of the word of the day, but turns out to be out of place, it will be filled in yellow
  • “Useless” letters as well as “yellow” and “red” letters are progressively colored on the keyboard below the grid to help the player.

For example, here is the trend of a classic SUTOM grid:


Other games similar to SUTOM

The various confinements have had many harmful effects on the world population, but if it is absolutely necessary to recognize their usefulness, it will be for having allowed certain creatives to have been able to take the time to question and reflect. Among other successes, Wordle (the US version of SUTOM, companion piece to the TV show Lingo) appeared in 2021 and inspired some competitors. In France, for example, there are Tusmo And zutomthe latter of which was developed for ZLAN 2022.

Recently, SUTOM has been undermined since France 2 threatened its creator with a lawsuit for a few hours. He was ready to give up his baby, but social networks have proved useful (once won’t hurt) and have shown the communal attachment of the French to their little daily game. Waiting for a destiny Wordle, bought by the New York Times for several million dollars? Hard to believe, but you never know…

SUTOM, the famous game inspired by Motus, is going through a difficult period. If the game were to disappear, how would we deal with it? We offer you some free alternatives!

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