Sugar Sammy’s comments scandalize Internet users

This Tuesday, November 1, Sugar Sammy’s words in “France Has Incredible Talent” shocked Internet users. M6 screen

This Tuesday, November 1st, the third episode of “France has an incredible talent” aired on M6. During the evening, Charlotte, 99 and a half years old, proposed a number that impressed Hélène Ségara, Marianne James and Éric Antoine. However, Sugar Sammy’s comments against him sparked outrage online.

On this All Saints Day, M6 aired a new episode of “France has an incredible talent”. This season 17 made its big comeback on October 18th and the first controversies had already surfaced. It must be said that during this first bonus, a sequence has particularly scandalized Internet users. While the case of little Lola’s murder was on everyone’s mind, a number showing a baby in a suitcase was deemed inconvenient by Twitos. Worse still, Karine Le Marchand’s assistant tried to get into a suitcase. For viewers, this performance should have been cut during editing, especially since it was more or less a joke.

VIDEO – Everything you need to know about Karine Le Marchand:

This Tuesday, November 1st, the third episode of “France has an incredible talent” has once again sparked passions. And if some talents impressed the spectators, a member of the jury, for his part, attracted the wrath of the internet users. This is Sugar Sammy. Known for his dark humor for many years, Samir Khullar indulged in some thoughts that sparked outrage on the Web. While Charlotte, a 99-and-a-half-year-old grandmother, took to the stage of “France Has An Incredible Talent” to perform Impressive yoga positions, Sugar Sammy made “hateful” or even “inadmissible” remarks according to some Twitter followers. He was also accused of “ageism”.

“This wickedness is unacceptable”

If he rang Charlotte’s number for the first time, not finding her to be an incredible talent, the final lines against this lady, who will celebrate her 100th birthday on December 11, caused a wave of riot on Twitter. Among other things, viewers could hear him say: “She is not an incredible talent […] and then you’ll forget everything “, or:” It’s really the first time I’ve been afraid of someone dying on set. “However, his latest remark shocked the audience.” I felt like I was witnessing an autopsy ” In the face of his behavior, Internet users shouted scandal and some of them even asked the CSA and M6 to sanction the comedian.

“He’s right”

While most of the internet users were offended by his statements, others, on the other hand, wanted to defend the comedian. Some think he was right to buzz.

Sugar Sammy’s response to his enemies:

Faced with all this criticism, Sugar Sammy decided to speak on Twitter. Sharing a video of Charlotte in full, she wrote in the comment: “99 years old! Happy to meet the target audience of M6”.

A new provocation that has angered many Internet users. Either way, this 99-and-a-half-year-old candidate charmed the other jury members. He got three “yeses”, allowing her to continue the adventure and make the whole family proud of her.

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