streamer Ultia harassed online on the sidelines of AmineMaTué’s France-Spain match

Twitch screenshot On Twitch, the France-Spain match leads to a wave of harassment against the streamer Ultia.

Twitch screenshot

On Twitch, the France-Spain match leads to a wave of harassment against the streamer Ultia.

TWITCH – Two rooms, two atmospheres. If the French community on Twitch often amazes with its concepts capable of attracting an increasingly impressive number of viewers, the other side of the coin is not really glorious. It was the streamer Ultia who paid the price again this Saturday 19 November, on the sidelines of the football event “Eleven All Stars” organized by AmineMaTué.

If a new audience record in France was achieved on Saturday night for a Twitch channel with 1.2 million online viewers, dethroning Squeezie’s recent GP Explorer, it was no time to party for Ultia, once again under fire and harassed by the French Twitch community. Her only crime: being a woman and daring, a year ago, to criticize some streamers during a live stream for their toxic and disrespectful behavior towards women. It was during Z-Event 2021.

Boxing ball

Twitch and its users showed their two faces once again during the football match between French and Spanish streamers. When a large number of viewers were delighted with the quality of the show and the peak audience reached, the Ultia streamer was forced to make yet another social update of her.

As the content creator specializing in independent video games, drawing and cooking on the Twitch platform explains very well, her name ended up in spite of herself at the top of Twitter trends, without her even talking about it. The reason ? Thousands of mocking, misogynistic and derogatory messages against him.

The perfect opportunity for these internet users to use Ultia as a punching bag and imagine how the streamer could react to this very male event and without any women among the participants, at a time when the question of the representation of female streamers on this platform has become an important topic.

Teasing to which the streamer Ponce has also been associated, he who is also the usual target of teasing and cyberbullying. Because of his support for Ultia in particular. The streamer’s friend was particularly critical of this Amine event, due to the presence of a French player, PFut, considered problematic and sexist by the community and already a source of past mockery against the streamer.

In a tweet, later deleted, Ponce denounced the presence of this streamer without mentioning it. ” After asking a few streamers for help, it hurts “, He added. It should also be noted that the presence of other streamers with behavior deemed misogynistic and invited to the “Eleven All Stars” has also been denounced by some internet users.

Ultia even split a second tweet to denounce, in response to an Internet user, this rebound effect on her person due to the position taken by her streamer friend. ” Ponce never questioned the presence of women at the event. Instead, he tweeted that he didn’t care. “he tweeted, complaining that “ Do Ponce’s words bounce off me who said absolutely nothing except denouncing sexist facts 1 year ago? “.

A lasting phenomenon

As influencer journalist Vincent Manilève underlined on Saturday evening given the violent messages before and during this football evening. Ultia, by her very existence online, continues to be harassed without saying a word.” He added: “And the vast majority of male streamers will continue to turn a blind eye to what they trivialize on a daily basis.” A comment that turned out to be partly true.

If Amine, at the origin of the story, did not comment on the subject after the match won by France, he had nevertheless provided a first element of answer on the absence of women at this sporting event during the one of his life. “If I invite a girl I want to put her in a good mood. I don’t want to fuck a girl, on a big field where there will be I don’t know how many smart guys,” he explained to justify his choice.

On the other hand, several streamers – including some participants in the Amine event – ​​have decided to side with Ultia. In particular Domingo, present on the lawn of the Jean Bouin stadium in Paris for this exhibition meeting. The creator of the PopCorn show – which Ultia usually features in – highlighted this treatment with a screenshot of the number of tweets shared on the streamer. A high volume like that of the messages dedicated to Ibai, the Spanish streamer and captain of the Iberian team on Saturday evening.

Other French-speaking figures on the platform have given voice such as Bestmarmotte, Taip or Rivenzi, a close friend of the streamer. find it” even when she says nothing, people who don’t know her come to insult her and lend her words she never had “.

A situation well summarized also by Mister MV in a tweet. ” His fault: noticing that Inoxtag treated his girlfriend like a piece of meat at Z-Event 2021 wasn’t enough (Inox had apologised, among other things). Since then: more than a year of harassment, death threats and rape, tens of thousands of tweets “, he observes bitterly.

This umpteenth case of harassment against Ultia is yet another sad example of toxic practices related to Twitch, which the most influential of the French streamers, Maghla, has denounced without filters.

A daily victim of sexist and sexual harassment, the streamer had thus given a big rant on October 24 on Twitter. As one of the most followed personalities in France on Twitch, she has revealed and denounced what ” lives H24 on different networks like Reddit or Discord, not to mention live messages and private discussions on these online accounts.

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