still dry, where to find fuel? The map

LACK OF PETROL. Total is still facing supply problems at its gas stations in the middle of the week. Is the situation improving? Here are some tips and a map to find fuel near you.

[Mis à jour le 5 octobre 2022 à 14h13] 12% of petrol stations in France are dry on at least one type of fuel. This is the announcement made this Wednesday by Olivier Véran, a spokesman for the government, who underlines the local difficulties, as in the Hauts de France region with “over 30% of the stations experiencing difficulties”. The government therefore wants to be reassuring, making sure not to find itself “in a situation of scarcity”. “My answer is that there is no panic effect, […] we will not run out of petrol “, finally assured the spokesman.

The number of departments and regions affected by difficulties in sourcing fuel further increased at the beginning of the week. There is no general shortage, but there are great difficulties locally in finding fuel, especially at Total stations. The latter have experienced a large influx due to the lower price compared to their competitors following the announcement of a discount of 20 cents in addition to the discount of 30 cents put in place by the government. results, the tanker is experiencing supply difficulties in some stations, especially since last week when uA strike movement affected several refineries, complicating the provision of already low-flow stations.

Gradually, the situation became tense in different regions. In the Ile de France or Bouches du Rhône quickly hit as last weekend approaches, Hauts-de-France has joined, particularly in Nord-Pas de Calais. RMC also noted earlier this week that the 8 Total stations in the Strasbourg conurbation were sold out. The cause ? The influx of border motorists, especially Germans, who come to take advantage of cheaper rates than at home. To know where to go, know that TotalEnergies has prepared an interactive map, which allows you to know the fuels available in the different service stations.

The communication of the giant assures “that there is no shortage of fuel, because TotalEnergies has accumulated stocks and currently imports regularly”. The group also explains that since the beginning of September, gas stations have experienced “a significant influx in the interior.” [leur] network of stations (approximately + 30%). There remains one last solution, already adopted by many motorists in recent days: turn to competitors and other fuel suppliers, even if it means paying more.

How do I know where to fill up?

Below you can find a map of French petrol stations. This is the “instant feed” of fuel prices in France, provided by the Ministry of Economy and available here on the official website: https: //

  • By zooming in and then clicking on a point on the map it is possible to view all the information about the station and scroll the prices of each fuel with the arrows.
  • Out of stock fuels are explicitly mentioned on the map or absent from the stations
  • It is up to the point of sale concerned to declare its station and prices to the Ministry. Some groups, such as Total, also provide sometimes more detailed data. You can find it on the Total website.

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