Sophie Malagola, precision, class and elegance with the lingerie designer

– Tell me about your design and creation process, what inspires you?
I am particularly inspired by fabrics. I love discovering new collections of materials, new technologies. It is a real pleasure that triggers creative processes very quickly. More generally, it’s quite difficult to put into words what inspires me. For me, everything is a source of inspiration, I can observe a person’s gaze that will not necessarily be mine, but which I will find very interesting. Art is obviously an inexhaustible source, photo galleries, fairs in various universes, I will see many exhibitions, films. For example, Baz Luhrmann’s film Elvis, which I loved, showed sublime sets, atmospheres, costumes that were very inspiring. This mix of ultra sophisticated and very masculine looks inspired me for a women’s wardrobe. The men’s wardrobe is very interesting, very right, which has noble materials, timeless details; I find it totally suitable for women, I like this duality perfectly illustrated by Yves Saint-Laurent in another.
– A historical period that inspires you?
The 70s, the image of my mother and her friends, films with Romy Schneider, Delphine Seyrig, Stéphane Audran, muslin dresses, silk blouses, very tight-fitting T-shirts and sweaters, slightly made-up hair, curls, make-up . It’s a feminine and sensual fashion that I really like. There was in mind a valorisation and a sublimation of the woman’s body. The 70s revolutionize the codes, new cuts and materials completely dust off fashion. However, no nostalgia. In a creative process you can’t be nostalgic otherwise you can’t move forward. We are always inspired, every designer has a favorite era, the immense Karl Lagerfeld admirably made Chanel evolve without betraying the brand’s classics.
– Looking at your creations, we can see that everything is about detail, chic, elegance, but also minimalism. What do you consider the most complex piece you have created?

I think a sense of detail is essential. Everything matters especially when working on small pieces. Being a perfectionist is the basis of this profession. Nothing can be left to chance; it’s a bit of a creative flaw, always a bit of a control freak!! My style is quite clean. I like the combinations of unexpected materials, the transparencies, the enhancement of the body; the most “unexpected” model is definitely the crystal one, I wanted to make a jewel. It was a real pleasure to do it. The reception of this piece has been fabulous! It is true that it was made by a Parisian jewelry workshop; it can be worn under a man’s jacket, over a very fine and transparent sweater, because it refers to magazines and that’s what I find interesting. Even today it is a timeless piece.

– If your creation were a person, how would you describe it?

Very difficult to answer, I hope my creations are liked by very different women who appropriate them. Overall, looks are key! I like beautiful clothes that highlight women, their personality, I created my brand to have total creative freedom.

– In addition to creating your own brand, you have worked with Chantal Thomas, Lejaby, Daniel Hechter, Léonard, Paule Ka and Adidas, DIM, Etam, you have created capsule collections for La Redoute, Damart and Crazy Horse. What will you remember from these experiences and a particular favourite?

I always like working with brands, we enter their universe and we have to find the right mix between the brand’s identity and what it wants me to bring. For example, for Damart, I chose the slogan “Cold me never” to reproduce it with the same typo on a very simple Thermolacty T-shirt like the 80’s photo. At Etam, I loved working with Natalia Vodianova who has a very inspiring style. In Hechter, in Plein Sud, I liked this freedom, it was very joyful, a great emulation. When I work with brands, I like this mix of skills, from an artistic point of view, but also the exchange which is for me in this job a fundamental thing to progress within a team. Every experience is enriching, professionally and humanly. Creating the Stade Français rugby shirts was very enjoyable!
For Crazy Horse I wanted to work for them the day I saw the show I loved; I like the night world, magazines, cabarets, I’ve always liked this universe, like the films of the 50s.
The most complicated thing was the distribution of the collection I had created. And it was with La Redoute, which was an exceptional partner, that this very special collection was conceived and sold.
The photos were taken at Crazy Horse, with a dancer and there, opening the catalog page, we entered the cabaret. This is exactly the principle of a successful partnership, where everything is respected. There was a need to highlight the spirit and style of the cabaret, very sulphurous and very sexy, suited to La Redoute’s clientele and image. The collection suggests and sublimates the female body.

– Finally, what do you like most about your job?

Creation, the possibility of always being surprised, of wanting to meet people, discover places, curiosity always awake, is stimulating. The fashion world moves fast and we must remain very excited about the future!

– A last word?

Trying to do what you love while being free to follow your dreams.

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