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New allegations of rape and violence against the actor Sofiane Bennacer (Les Amandiers) were revealed by the newspaper Liberation in a lengthy investigation published this morning.

After the Paris article at the beginning of the week, new testimonies accuse the actor Sofiane Bennacer of “”sexual and physical violenceOn today’s Liberation the newspaper dedicates 4 pages to the “Scandal of the almond trees” as they write on the front page.

As a reminder, it was revealed last Tuesday that actor Sofiane Bennacer, who currently plays Valeria Bruni Tedeschi’s Les Amandiers, was indicted last October for rape and assaulting several ex-girlfriends. The actor was placed under judicial control, with a ban on traveling to Strasbourg, Mulhouse and Île-de-France. Sofiane Bennacer denies these allegations and has filed suit against the four plaintiffs for defamation.

Actor Sofiane Bennacer (Les Amandiers) indicted for rape and assault

Today the newspaper Publication reveals a new investigation, developed in 8 months, collecting the words of two new victims. They blame him for “sexual and physical violenceThey decided not to press charges.

The first, under the assumed name Anaïs, accuses the actor of “rapeThe facts allegedly took place at the beginning of 2019, when she was an art student in Mulhouse. The second, Mathilde, (also a borrowed name), former partner of the actor, testified to “repeated sexual assaults” during her relationship with him in the summer of 2019, when she was a student. She also exercised ”pressures” about his career. Contacted by Liberation for these two new allegations, the actor claims to have “never raped or beat anyone“.

Originally from Marseille, Sofiane Bennacer, 25, made her stage debut in 2018 in Font! by Sonia Chiambretto and Phaedra’s love directed by Sarah Kane and Louis Dieuzaide. In 2021, the public discovers it on television in an episode of the series La Stagiaire worn by Michèle Bernier, and at the cinema in This music plays for no one by Samuel Benchetrit.

Guirec coadico / Bestimage

Sofiane Bennacer at the photocall of the film “Les Amandiers” during the 15th Angoulême Francophone Film Festival

He currently stars in Les Amandiers, in the lead male role. In this autofiction that traces Valeria Bruni Tedeschi’s training as an actress, at the end of the 1980s, at the École des Amandiers de Nanterre by Pierre Romans and Patrice Chéreau, she plays the dark and tormented Etienne, who falls in love with the l heroine Stella. A character inspired by the tragic fate of Thierry Ravel, who died in 1991 at the age of 28.

Les Amandiers: drugs, alcohol, disease… the tragic fate of Patrice Chéreau’s crew members

For the record, Sofiane Bennacer had recently been selected by the Académie des Césars as Revelations of the year. He was eventually dropped from the Revelations list following the announcement of his indictment on charges of rape and assault.

The Bureau of the Académie des César, in agreement with the Disclosures Committee, has decided that the information published by the press since November 22 regarding the indictment of the actor Sofiane Bennacer and the judicial review imposed on him, command, made save the presumption of innocence and out of respect for the alleged victims, to remove it from the list of 32 Revelations, proposed as an indication on November 16 for the César 2023.

The Council of the Academy has also decided to open, as soon as possible, a reflection with all the decision-making bodies of the Association, in order to evaluate a modification of the Regulation governing the organization of the César Ceremony, a Regulation which does not currently provide for , the occurrence of a legal dispute against a participant in an eligible film.”

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