singer Shervin Hajipour appears for the first time since his release

Iranian pop singer Shervin Hajipour appeared in a video for the first time since his release on Sunday after being arrested for releasing a song in support of the protests that have rocked Iran since mid-September.

Iran has been the scene of protests since the death, on September 16, of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian Kurd, after being arrested in Tehran by a deputy police who accused her of violating the strict dress code Iranian, which specifically forces women to cover their hair in public.

To support the protest movement, 25-year-old Shervin Hajipour composed a song called Baray (“For” or “Due to” in Persian), compiling tweets about protesters’ requests.

The song had reached nearly 40 million views on the artist’s Instagram page before being canceled when the singer was arrested by authorities in the north of the country.

In a first video appearance since being released on bail on Tuesday, shervin Hajipour said on Sunday that he “lives in Iran” and desire “stay there and sing”.

“If I want to say something, or criticize, I would like to do it here”added in this video posted on Instagram. “It is clear that I created this work to express my solidarity with the people who have criticized the situation of society” in Iran, he added, stating that he has no connection “with a movement or organizations” abroad.

“I would like the authorities, especially in these conditions, to have a parent-child approach towards people who are in situations similar to mine”added the singer, without further details.

Shervin Hajipour began his musical career after participating in 2019 in the Asré Jadid (“new era” in Persian) program, a singing competition broadcast on Iranian state television.

Dozens of people, mainly protesters but also members of the security forces, have been killed since September 16 during demonstrations called “riots” by the authorities, while hundreds of others have been arrested.

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