Singapore Grand Prix – Bonus-malus: a recovered Pérez and four world champions on the road

Rating: 1/5

A decisive podium at the start, a mess of accidents and an overdose of the safety car (3 virtual, 2 real). Two interminable hours, painful for the spectators as much as the pilots.

Singapore Grand Prix

“Singapore had to confirm the start of the escape of the Alpine troops, but confirmed a dive”


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The winner: Sergio Perez (Red Bull)

He is the king of city circuits. After Monaco, he put the other most urban track in the world on his CV, navigating on the problems of his teammate. In an unfavorable tie with Spielberg this summer, unworthy of a Red Bull at Monza, he resurfaced in spectacular fashion, leading all the laps, which few riders with four wins to his name have done.

“I think it was my best performance, I controlled the whole race, even if it was quite complicated”reacted the “best driver of the day”.

If his 5 second penalty for not respecting the ten lengths of the car not to be overcome behind the safety car did not deprive him of the victory, he still receives a reprimand and two points on his super license.

This success shows in any case that he is holding on, that he is ready to reach Red Bull Racing’s third objective this season: to obtain a double for the drivers, in addition to the two world titles.

Loser wins: Ferrari

There is always something that prevents Charles Leclerc from winning from pole position. “Always”, because six times in a row. However, there is neither risky strategy nor engine failure or lack of piloting. The track was simply less seized on the odd grid line, and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) and Fernando Alonso (Alpine) saw it that way.

He didn’t have much to reproach himself, he immediately asked that his “medium” remain in Sergio Pérez’s (Red Bull) DRS zone, and he finally came out with a small loss of control. A much better afternoon, however, for Carlos Sainz, who flexed his muscles against Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) at Turn 1, and returned to defensive driving.

In the end, Ferrari gave itself some air, now with a margin of 66 points over Mercedes, which missed the topic.

The ones we didn’t see (re) come: Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren)

Woking’s strategy was to go as far as possible with the “middlemen”, hoping for a safety car. When she appeared on lap 36, a large part of the group had just entered the pitlane. Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo made a free pit stop on lap 37 and the team pushed the plug to put “soft” on the Australian’s car. P4 and P5, and 22-0 against Alpine. A real slap!

The prisoner: Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

The Dutchman would not have survived the start if he had not approached with a minimum of caution. This resulted in a loss of 4 positions, a lot of patience in traffic (Alonso, Norris) until the error of the 2nd restart, on the wheels of McLaren n ° 4. Forced to a second stop, he still overtook Hamilton and Vettel in the last three laps.

Adrift: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

We heard it a lot on the radio and at home we know what it means. It’s true, Carlos Sainz gave him a lot of trouble (start, break test on lap 30) and to hear him nothing was going well. And which tire was he talking about if you didn’t have to put on the “intermediate” to start the race?

His forehand in the TecPro on lap 33 was one mistake too many. P9, he suffered from a lack of grip all weekend, and that’s what Mercedes has to work on.

Badly paid: Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin)

We dreamed of a good result for the pre-retiree, record holder of victories (5) in Singapore. Aston Martin had the potential, as demonstrated by Lance Stroll (6th). The German even saw Max Verstappen (Red Bull) steal 7th place on the last lap.

Bonus: Lance Stroll (Aston Martin)

His second top 6 in two seasons. A welcome boost to morale a few weeks after the arrival of Fernando Alonso …

The rigor: alpine

Sad 350th for Fernando Alonso and the first double abandonment that hurts the world championship, as the Blues have lost fourth place among the manufacturers to McLaren.

The number: 11

Red Bull remains on 11 podiums in Singapore.

The statement: Toto Wolff (Mercedes)

“This season has given us several lessons, and this is new. Our fight for second place in the world championship has become much tougher.”

Singapore Grand Prix

Leclerc: “The hardest race of my career”


Singapore Grand Prix

Verstappen blocked and blame: “It was very difficult to overtake”


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