Seven to Eight – The testimony of Yeo Moriba, mother of Paul Pogba, moves internet users

In the “Portrait of the week” dedicated to him this Sunday in “Seven to Eight”, the mother of Paul and Mathias Pogba entrusted her version of events to Audrey Crespo-Mara. (TF1 screen)

This Sunday, November 20, on the occasion of the broadcast of a new issue of “Seven to Eight” on TF1, Audrey Crespo-Mara dedicated her “Portrait of the week” to Yeo Moriba. The discreet mother of the French international Paul Pogba has decided to speak publicly about the case that has shaken her whole family since an investigation opened last August by the Paris prosecutor’s office. Destroyed, the mother of the family chose to unite and defend her two sons involved in the affair, Paul and Mathias. Her testimony moved internet users.

A tormented mother. As the World Cup opens in Qatar today, tonight in “Seven to Eight”, Yeo Moriba, Paul Pogba’s mother, is a guest of Audrey Crespo-Mara for a portrait dedicated to her. Although discreet, the one who in recent years has been considered a real figure of French football has seen her clan find itself at the center of a particularly important case in recent months. The mother, who on Wednesday 16 November published her autobiography entitled “And in the end we win” (Fayard editions), speaks publicly about her youth in Guinea, her arrival in France at the age of 19, her jobs to raise her children alone children, of the victory at the World Cup in 2018 but also, for the first time, of the “Pogba case”. Indeed, on August 3, an investigation was opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office. The charges are: organized extortion, attempted extortion organized by gangs and participation in a criminal association aimed at committing a crime. These allegations concern various acts of which Paul Pogba was allegedly the victim between March and July 2022. The latter’s older brother, Mathias, was indicted last September and placed in pre-trial detention.

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“He asked for nothing and finds himself in the middle of it all…”

The case begins at the end of last March. Paul Pogba is kidnapped for five hours in an apartment, trapped by childhood friends and two hooded men armed with assault rifles. The latter accuse him of not helping them financially when they protected him from the beginning. They then ask him for 13 million euros. Four months after this kidnapping, it is Yeo Moriba herself who finds herself threatened at home. Mathias, Paul’s older brother, arrives with the same childhood friends. They are also accompanied by a fourth man, more menacing than her, who tells her to tell Paul to give them some money. Strong throughout her life, Yeo Moriba therefore speaks out in this context to defend her brothers shaken by this alleged case of extortion. The former captain of the Guinean women’s soccer team has decided to fight to preserve her family. In the interview with Audrey Crespo-Mara (her first on television), the 52-year-old woman talks about this quarrel, one of the most difficult of her life as a mother. Yeo Moriba begins his interview by giving the news of his youngest son, Paul, deprived of the World Cup in Qatar due to an injury and weakened by this affair for months: “He’s starting to recover, little by little, physically and psychologically”. she confides. Later in the interview, the mother of the family is asked about the videos Mathias Pogba posted on social networks, a month after he went to his mother’s house with his childhood friends. Resentful videos in which the young man threatens to make explosive revelations about his brother Paul if the latter does not pay the camorristi. Yeo Moriba explains that her son Mathias necessarily acted under duress: “Mathias isn’t like that, he’s not my son. He can’t do it. He was under threat, I can swear” the mother spears, moved. At the end of the interview, Yeo Moriba was very optimistic about the future of the Pogba clan. For her there is no doubt: her two children will renew very strong ties, with or without her.

This interview and these confidences from Yeo Moriba have moved internet users.

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