Saturday audience: how many people in front of “Les Rencontres du Papotin”?

Midday newspapers

The “13 Hours” – Anne-Claire Coudray (TF1): 5.04 million (38.6%).
The “13 Hours” – Leila Kaddour (France 2): 2.89 million (22.1%).
The “National Team 12/13” – Caterina Matausch (France 3): 1.65 million (14.0%).
The “12.45” – Natalie Renoux (M6): 1.62 million (12.6%).

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Anne-Claire Coudray dominates the competition by attracting two million more viewers than the France 2 newscast.
Season record for “12/13”: Catherine Matausch had not yet gathered so many spectators in front of her noon edition on Saturday.

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“Don’t Forget the Lyrics” (France 2): 2.97 million (18.0%).
“50′ inside” (TF1): 2.15 million (13.3%).
“C the weekly” (France 5): 1.03 million (6.3%).

The Masters opposing “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” top nominees captivate the show’s faithful. Nagui is close to his record level, close to 3 million viewers for the Saturday edition.

The evening papers

The “20 hours” – Anne-Claire Coudray (TF1): 5.37 million (27.9%).
The “20 hours” – Laurent Delahousse (France 2): 4.30 million (22.3%).
The “National Team 19/20” – Caterina Matausch (France 3): 2.33 million (13.6%).
“7.45pm” – Natalie Renoux (M6): 1.87 million (10.2%).

The gap between the news of TF1 and France 2 is widening: it goes from 600,000 to 1 million in a week.

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“The meetings of the papotin” (France 2): 3.10 million (16.0%).
“Domestic Scenes” (M6): 2.46 million (12.7%).
“Open Kitchen” (France 3): 1.40 million (7.2%).
“28 Minutes Saturday” (Art): 734,000 (3.8%).
“C l’hebdo, the continuation” (France 5): 552,000 (2.9%).
“TPMP people” (C8): 587,000 (3.0%).

The third issue of “Rencontres du papotin”, with Julien Doré, attracts 3.1 million viewers. The launch with Gilles Lellouche had attracted 3.3 million onlookers (20.0% audience share) and the second issue with Camille Cottin 2.7 million (14.6% audience share).
“Home Scenes” has the highest average viewership this season, in this box.
Record also for “28 minutes” on Arte, on both indicators.


“The 12 strokes of noon” (TF1): 2.93 million (30.8%).
“Everybody Wants to Take Their Place” (TF1): 1.84 million (18.4%).
“Questions for a super champion” (France 3): 1.46 million (11.3%).
“Everyone has a say” (France 2): 1.19 million (9.3%).
“Every His Turn” (France 2): 1.08 million (20.0%).
“Numbers and Letters” (France 3): 619,000 (6.1%).

Seasonal record for the “Chacun son tour”, which for the first time exceeds one million on a Saturday.
Laurence Boccolini signs his best score of the season: the match had not yet reached such a score of average viewers on this day of broadcasting.

The second part of the evening

“Cassandre” – TV movie (France 3): 1.82 million (14.4%).
“Star Academy, Return to the Castle” (TF1): 1.49 million (19.9%).
“What an era!” (France 2): 1.08 million (16.4%).

Léa Salamé surpassed one million viewers for the seventh time out of 9 editions, while Laurent Ruquier had only done it twice in the same period last year.

To notice

“Restaurants open their hearts” (TF1): 2.07 million (19.5%).
“1:15 pm, Saturday” (France 2): 2.25 million (18.1%).
“Laughing Saturday” (France 3): 1.38 million (13.0%).
“Star Academy, the Daily” (TF1): 1.26 million (11.7%).
“C in the Air” (France 5): 1.24 million (9.7%).
“At the end of the investigation” (France 2): 1.18 million (11.5%).
“Telematin” (France 2): 702,000 (25.3%).

Jean-Luc Lemoine equals his all-time best score in average viewers.
The “Star Academy” newspaper garners a 22.8 market share from women shoppers under fifty.

Multimedia figures.

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