Santa Claus goes crazy in this action movie starring David Harbor (Stranger Things)

news culture Santa Claus goes crazy in this action movie starring David Harbor (Stranger Things)

The end of year celebrations are approaching and beyond! This is why Tommy Wirkola paves the way with the announcement of Violent Night, a film in which Santa Claus goes off the rails and kicks his knees with a club… The tone is set!

A violent Christmas movie starring David Harbor in the title role

If the end-of-year celebrations inspired a lot of cinema in the 80s and 90s, we still remember the Toy race or even of die Hard And Gremlin, this tradition has been a bit lost in time … but it counted on Tommy Wirkola. Indeed, the director of many violent films how Dead snow, Hansel and Gretel: Witch hunters And I salute the dagger, he decided to go back behind the camera to offer some Violent night which is aptly named.

In this production that seems first of all a Home Invasion, like a American nightmares you hate Panic room by David Fincher, quickly, everything takes another turn. The family kidnapped by greedy bandits in their home will receive help from a Santa like no other. The latter, played by Davide Porto – Enter Sheriff Hooper Stranger things – it will take a giant hammer to enforce the law in this gigantic building. A massacre game will then take place.

But if Violent Night is above all a violent film, it will all offer more tender moments, with in particular the arrival of a little girl who will communicate with Santa Claus. The goal here, for Tommy Wirkola, is therefore precisely to make a Christmas movie with the magic that goes with it.

When I started shooting the film, I basically said “we’ll have fun, we’ll have dark humor and all”, but I really want the audience, when they leave the room, to feel like you “I saw a Christmas movie Tommy Wirkola (Director of Violent Night via IGN)

We then learn that Santa Claus will not only use the various objects in front of him to get rid of his enemies, but also that he will use magic and that the film will also make allusions to anything involving a character like Santa Claus. We will then find the list of naughty and nice children, but also gifts, spells, queens, etc.

Each scene of the film therefore has elements reminiscent of winter, snow or Christmas. (…) We use the list of bad guys and good guys. Use the Christmas wreaths, the star on the tree, go through the chimney … Tommy Wirkola

Already a release date and a five-star cast in the program

In addition to David Harbor who will marvelously play the role of Santa Claus, Violent Night will propose to find several known heads, to start with Giovanni Leguizamo in which we have already seen The impasse by Brian De Palma, but also in Super Mario Bros.the 1993 film. In this story, he will play the leader of the thieves who is called by his teammates Mr. Scrooge, a reference to Ebenezer Scrooge, the antihero of the tale A Christmas carol by Charles Dickens.

(As the name suggests, Mr. Scrooge) has a grudge against Christmas. And since he hates Christmas, he doesn’t realize he’s bumping into the real Santa. But as he begins to understand, the story goes to a whole new level as far as what’s at stake is concerned. And John, of course, is an amazing actor that I’ve seen growing up in so many different roles, he can do it all. He is funny, he is charming, he is dangerous. Tommy Wirkola

It should also be noted the participation of Beverly D’Angelo (Annie Hall), Alex Hassell (bebop cowboy) and Alexis Louder (The list of terminals).

If you like this amazing and violent adventure, know that it will land in cinemas by the end of the year, more precisely for December 2, 2022.

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