Renault will produce the electric 4L and the Scénic in Hauts-de-France

The manufacturer made these announcements when it had to specify the details of its internal revolution in early November, the split between its thermal activities which are retreating and electrical ones which are accelerating.

Renault confirmed Thursday that it will produce its future Scénic and 4L electric models, as well as the R5, at its Douai and Maubeuge (North) plants. The Renault group underlines with this announcement that “definitively places France at the center of its electrical industrial activities“, The group underlined in a statement. The manufacturer made these announcements when he was to specify the details of his internal revolution in early November, the split between his own receding thermal activities and accelerating electrical ones.

His new poleElectric city“, which brings together three of its factories in northern France, already produces the electric Mégane (in Douai), to which will be added the new battery-powered Kangoo, and the electric model that will replace Nissan’s Micra, the Renault companion. diamond brand aims to produce 700,000 vehicles in France by 2024 and 100% electric sales by 2030.Through constructive social dialogue and the improvement of our industrial tool, we are showing that it is possible to lead the battle for competitiveness in France.said the CEO of the group Luca De Meo.

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1000 hires since the beginning of the year

The group stressed that it had hired nearly 1,000 in France since the beginning of 2022, out of the 2,500 planned for the period 2022-2024. They follow a huge savings plan launched in 2020 to get the group out of the red zone, with 2,500 job cuts, particularly in engineering. Close to “Electric city“, The Alpine plant in Dieppe (Seine-Maritime) will produce the future SUV of the sports brand. As for public utilities, the Sandouville (Seine-Maritime) plant will manage the new electric van Trafic and Batilly (Meurthe-et-Moselle) the replacement of the Master, as well as a partner’s vehicle. Le Mans (Sarthe) will build the chassis linked to the new vehicles.

After discussions on inflation, marked by strikes at many sites, the group signed an agreement with three unions (CFE-CGC, CFDT and FO) in late Septembersupport for purchasing power»Which includes an exceptional bonus of 500 euros (a«Macron Award», Without social contributions). Added to this is a transport bonus of 100 euros, free health insurance for three months and the possibility of reselling three days of RTT with a 25% increase, or a total of 1,000 euros for “the majority of employees“, According to Renault.

The CGT did not sign the agreement, judging these measures “insufficientand asking for a general increase of 5,000 euros per year. The group stressed that it also brought forward annual wage negotiations from February 2023 to December 2022.

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