“Regrettable”, “It hurts the ears”, “Headed up the debate”: Internet users stunned by this sequence on bullfighting

Solveig Halloin’s speech on the TPMP stunned Internet users.

This Thursday, November 24, Touche pas à mon poste opens a debate on bullfighting with Cyril Hanouna at the presentation. Solveig Halloin, anti-bullfighting activist, has to debate a matador and a tradition-loving journalist. But the debate changes completely when the activist intervenes. Internet users are completely amazed by the sequence.

The debate should be interesting. Discussing the ban on bullfighting this Thursday, November 24 on Touche pas à mon poste, the activist Solveig Halloin, described by Cyril Hanouna as an “accused activist”, and his opponents Yannis Ezziadi, journalist passionate about bullfighting and matador Marc Serrano . It all starts with news: Aymeric Caron’s bill to ban this tradition in which a man and a bull fight and which ends with the killing of the animal.

On the set, the commentators vote: some “no” against many “yes” to the question “should bullfighting be banned?”. Marc Serrano, on the set, denounces the end of a tradition dear to the peoples of the south. Solveig Halloin, on set, raises an arm covered in fake blood to show his disagreement. Commentators argue, “It’s a fight that’s not equal at all.” The activist walks around the set, looking serious and his arm still raised. The guest matador explains that the animal “deserves a dignified death” by “putting its life in danger” and Gilles Verdez announces that he wants “a total ban” calling the matadors “murderers”. Jean-Marie Bigard says he has seen the show before and says he “vomited on top”. When his opponents try to speak again, Solveig Halloin tries to hide them from the camera by facing each other.

Cyril Hanouna’s minute

“He knew very well what they were doing by inviting him”

The activist who walks the set doesn’t let anyone talk. She cuts off commentators and guests: “I’m here to be the spokesperson for the martyrs (…) Free the martyrs!” she denounces. The debate stops when no one can speak because of Solveig Halloin. Her behavior causes both weariness and hilarity on set. The matador decides to leave the show in the face of his opponent’s behavior.

On Twitter, Internet users are shocked by the scene they are witnessing. For many of them, this guest spoils a much-needed debate. They believe that inviting Solveig Halloin was a mistake and fully serves the cause.

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