Real Madrid – Shakhtar Donetsk: Karim Benzema and his team have a third success

After a very quiet evening, Real Madrid logically won against Shakhtar Donetsk (2-1). This scoring, at first glance tight, does not reflect Madrid’s overwhelming dominance, sometimes flashy, sometimes managerial. Rodrygo (13th) and Vinicius (28th) scored in a very high level first half hour. The fine goal by Oleksandr Subkov (39th) does not change anything: the Madrid team, led by Karim Benzema in all the good shots due to lack of goals, rushed towards the eighth.

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We assure you that the expression that a result is “contrary to the physiognomy of the game” is sometimes used excessively. However, it is difficult to find a better image to illustrate this very unbalanced Real Madrid-Shakhtar. The Merengues have in fact obtained an incalculable number of situations, without ever adding to the bill. The high number of shots (35!) Is not even enough to highlight them, since some combinations did not lead to the strike. Mentioning them is obvious, however, as the fluidity of Madrid’s offensives dazzled the Bernabeu.

35 shots for Real

It is however, the culmination of fate, on a succinct action that Rodrygo has found the opening. Benefiting from a counterattack favorable to entering the surface, he fired a soft enough shot but enough to catch Anatoliy Trubin from the default (13th, 1-0). The Ukrainian goalkeeper recovered widely afterwards, but was unable to do anything against Vinicius ‘splendid goal (28’, 2-0), at the end of a perfect double with Karim Benzema. Failing to convert his few chances, the Frenchman shone. Selfless as usual, with his well-considered deviations he has disorganized a friable opponent defense. His influence was such that with more success he could have scored two goals and provided as many assists.

Real Madrid players

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The people of Madrid then handled the meeting, very little worried by the generally disappointing Ukrainians. Subkov’s fine volley from the left (2-1, 39th) is just a drop of water in an overall copy that touches offensive nothing. Eager to raise shortly, Shakhtar’s players were systematically taken by surprise by the opponent’s pressing, without finding an alternative.

Faced with this limited adversity, David Alaba and his teammates have been satisfied with a minimum success to consolidate their first place in this group F. Author of a complete card (3 successes in 3 games), Real Madrid will win the qualification as soon as next week, if they win in Ukraine. As for Shakhtar (2nd with 4 points), he will compete for the second sesame with Leipzig (3 pt) and Celtic (1 pt).


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