Rapper Vegedream was gassed and stripped in Seine-Saint-Denis before a date with a prostitute

He had ignited the country with the anthem of the French football team, “Bring the cup home” in 2018. Variety artist Vegedream was attacked on the night between Friday and Saturday 1 October in Villetaneuse (Seine-Saint-Denis) in a situation still troubled circumstances.

Shortly before 1am, the 30-year-old rapper went to a building where, according to his subsequent statements to the police, he had an appointment at a prostitute’s home. But when he arrives in the common areas, he is surrounded by two hooded men and a woman who hit him and sprayed him with tear gas. The trio grabs the singer’s jacket, with his house keys, and flees on foot, leaving the thirty-year-old seriously.

Taken to the hospital

Vegedream then warns the police, but as soon as he has had time to tell his misadventure to the patrol that has come to meet him, he is overcome with nausea. Called for reinforcements, the firefighters took him to the Delafontaine hospital in Saint-Denis to undergo some checks. Noticing a strong smell of gas at the crash site, officials for their part interrogated the four occupants of an apartment, who confirmed that they had welcomed the victim into their home after finding him in poor condition.

To shed light on this case are the investigators of the Police Headquarters. They will endeavor to verify the victim’s first claims which will likely be heard again. Was he the victim of a band that pretends to be a young woman and dates clients to rob them? It would therefore be a different version of extortion after an appointment on Leboncoin which is practiced in all sensitive suburbs. Questions that are still unanswered for the moment.

This musician was born in Orléans (Loiret) and grew up in the neighborhood of Source. He currently lives in Seine-Saint-Denis. He is the son of a music producer and grandson of Zike, an Ivorian artist. The artist, very attached to his African roots which he develops in his music, won the hearts of the French at the age of 26 when he performed the title “Ramener la coupe à la maison”, which became the official anthem of the victory of the Blues in the competition in 2018. In all he has released three albums, “Sandman”, “Ategaban” and in 2022, “Pandora’s Box”.

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