Pyongyang criticizes the ‘deplorable attitude’ of the head of the United Nations

Pyongyang is angry with Antonio Guterres. The North Korean foreign minister on Sunday criticized the “deplorable attitude” of the United Nations secretary general, who condemned a recent launch of an ICBM, state news agency KCNA announced.

“I deeply regret that the Secretary-General of the United Nations observes a truly deplorable attitude, unaware of the purpose and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and of his own mission which is to maintain impartiality, objectivity and fairness on all issues,” the minister said. said Choe Son Hui. According to her, this “clearly proves” that Antonio Guterres “is a puppet of the United States”.

Monday meeting of the UN Security Council

On Friday, the head of the United Nations invited North Korea to “immediately abstain” from any new “provocation” after this new shooting, again inviting Pyongyang to return to the negotiating table. The United Nations Security Council said on Saturday it would meet on Monday to discuss the situation.

In calling on the United Nations body to “respond appropriately”, the European Union condemned “a dangerous, illegal and irresponsible action”. The G7 countries also denounced on Sunday the “irresponsible” launch of a new ICBM, urging the Security Council to take “significant” new steps to end North Korean tests.

The United States, South Korea and Japan have stepped up joint military maneuvers in recent months since Kim Jong-un said in September that North Korea’s nuclear state status was “irreversible”. Seoul and Washington notably conducted the largest joint air exercises in their history in late October and early November.

Pyongyang’s “self-defense” policy

On Sunday, the North Korean foreign minister highlighted North Korea’s “self-defense” policy “amid a worrying security environment in the region due to dangerous military cooperation between the United States and its vassal forces.” “The UN secretary-general still held North Korea responsible rather than the United States,” the minister lamented.

Kim Jong-un had overseen the launch of his latest ICBM accompanied by his daughter, which he unveiled to the world for the first time, according to a message published by KCNA on Saturday. The North Korean leader also reiterated that he will use the atomic bomb in the event of a nuclear attack against his country.

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