PSG notes against Benfica (1-1): Messi’s symphony, Donnarumma’s saves

Gianluigi Donnarumma: 7.5

Of course, he is still struggling with his kicking game (7th, 39th). But when he saves so many situations with his hands, we remember the primary function of a goalkeeper. From the foot (8 °), with the opposite hand (18 °) or in a less academic way (14 °, 37 °), he will have refused everything for a long time before being deceived by one of his gods (42 °). He saves Paris by defeating Rafa Silva at the end of the match (81st).

  • In short : An impassable wall.

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The cheat sheet: Not that bad


Gianluigi Donnarumma and his incredible save against David Neres

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Ashraf Hakimi: 5

He spent his game behind on the defensive. Behind Enzo Fernandez (42 °) when the Argentine delivered the perfect cross to equalize. Behind Rafa Silva (81 °) when the Portuguese was about to challenge Donnarumma. In the defensive phase his match was well below expectations but the offensive part was not much more convincing. Not so often found, not so often thrown, however, stumbles upon Vlachodimos (61st).

  • In short : We would have liked to see it more.

Sergio Ramos: 4.5

The match is cornered by the Portuguese pressing (9th) and never seems to find serenity. Rarely inspired with the ball, he will have participated in the feeling of insecurity of the Parisian defense through lost duels and sometimes random placements.

  • In short : Not the great Ramos.

Marquinhos: 4

But how many duels did he lose? Still positioned in the three-man defense axis, the Brazilian will have spent his game suffering on the defensive phase. He is also completely out of the way on Rafa Silva’s big break (81st). With the ball we feel hesitant and therefore frankly cautious about recovery, penalizing PSG in its outings with the ball.

  • In short : It’s really time to worry …

Sergio Ramos and Marquinhos, in trouble against Benfica

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Danilo Pereira: 5.5

Where the ball sometimes burned his friends’ feet, he managed to restore calm (1st). He obviously unhappy on the csc but he was the most reassuring of the three defenders, with some well-felt shots (17th, 74th).

  • In short : Solid to the pole.

Nuno Mendes: 5.5

It is still independent in its left lane. The face of the match did not offer him a thousand opportunities to show off but every climb of his will have been incisive, allowing PSG to gain precious meters. The center of him that no one could recover was perfect (65 °). Immediately after, he held his left thigh before giving in.

  • In short : He grew up well.

Replaced by Juan Bernat (68th).

Marco Veratti: 6

He had been targeted by Benfica in the first quarter of an hour and it showed. Not always accurate in his broadcasts, the Italian finally regained the upper hand later, aided by a greater closeness of Lionel Messi and Vitinha. If Paris took over in the second half, it is also because Civetta regained control.

  • In short : The heart of the Parisian reactor.

Marco Verratti against Benfica

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Vitina: 6

It is a custom but the Portuguese were still in the oven and mill. He too took the tide for a quarter of an hour before regaining the upper hand. The technical ease of him offered a lot of oxygen in between, like this long (34 °) conservation sequence. Very clever tactically, he is certainly essential for this team.

  • In short : As if it had been there for years.

Replaced by Fabian Ruiz (87th), author of a heavy blow and a precious tactical foul.

Lionel Messi: 7.5

It took him a long time to recover to come and support the Vitinha-Verratti duo. But it was on one of his first accelerations that he struck lightning. His curled left, following a good movement of the MNM, is divine (22 °). What followed was a demonstration of his class and his technical virtuosity. Very close to the duo in the middle, he has often put Paris in the right direction, like serving for Hakimi (61st) or Mbappé (69th). The only drawback, this little touch too much on a potential match point (79th).

Replaced by Pablo Sarabia (82nd).

Kylian Mbappé: 4

His start of the game was a festival of failed broadcasts. If his pivot game allows Messi to score (22nd), he has never seemed tied to the other members of the trio. His second period could have resulted in a magnificent goal but Vlachodimos decided otherwise (68th). However, his initiatives were much less incisive than usual, either because of him (74th) or because his teammates did not follow him (84th). His poor final control (90 + 1 °) sums up his complicated performance.

Kylian Mbappé, disappointed against Benfica

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Neymar: 4.5

His positioning will have remained a mystery for many minutes and his delicate start to the race undoubtedly stems from this situation. He is still a decisive passer-by for Messi (22nd). Most prominent in the second half, he hits the crossbar on a stunt bike from the left (49 °). But he suffered technical waste before finally abandoning the game, annoyed by the blows received. A classic.

  • In short : Less influential, more irritable.

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First points lost for Paris


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Yes, the real Messi is in Paris


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