Promo Dreame Z10 Pro black friday: self-draining robot vacuum cleaner

The Dreame Z10 Pro is a new model of robot vacuum cleaner with self-draining station. Take advantage of an exceptional 80€ discount to buy it on sale during Black Friday. We explain how to take advantage of this limited offer!

Dreame Z10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner and floor washer: the best Black Friday promo!

Having intervened for several years in the field of intelligent cleaning, the manufacturer Dreame has decided to offer you the best promotion black friday. Indeed, the Dreame Z10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner has a very good reductionespecially for the black friday week. The Dreame Z10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner has a high suction capacity, which allows it to clean and wash carpets and hard floors thoroughly.

Because of its performance and quality, you have to plan a significant budget to afford it. But, thanks to Black Friday, that won’t be the case anymore. Therefore, you are likely to save money thanks to this vacuum cleaner cheap. You do not need promotional code to take advantage of this offer, because it is a flash sale. This model comes with its own one-way self-draining docking station. Best price. Also, you won’t need good from reduction to make your purchase.

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Dreame Z10 Pro: a high-end robot vacuum cleaner with self-emptying

the Dreame Z10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner it is a household appliance that has the shape of a disc. It is intended to help you clean the inside of your home. This robot it not only vacuums dust, hair, but also pet hair whether in the living room, bedroom or even the bathroom. the Dreame Z10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner it has state-of-the-art technology that allows it to carry out its mission on its own without the intervention of a human being. It should be noted that this robot remains silent while performing its task. It is one in every way robot top of the line with premium specification.

A robot vacuum cleaner with an automatic suction station for emptying

The Dreame Z10 Pro simply offers the best of current technology available on robot vacuum cleaners. Not only does it allow powerful and silent suctionbut he is also a floor mopping robot with his own integrated water tank and mop.

Plus, it comes with its own automatic unloading station. In other words, you don’t even have to empty the dust container. Once he’s done cleaning, he goes home alone to find himself and empties its dust in the station in complete autonomy !

Dreame Z10 Pro: robot vacuum cleaner with self-emptying station

A robot with a high suction capacity

the robot vacuum cleaner it has a high suction force which gives it the ability to clean effectively by vacuuming and mopping at the same time. the Z10 pro 4 different levels of suction speed adjustment: 4kpa/1.8kpa/1.2kpa/0.8kpa. It has a 400ml dust container and a 150ml water tank. It can adapt the suction power, water distribution, checking the battery level.

The robot is able to detect emptiness and obstacles

Dreame Z10 Pro: intelligent robot vacuum cleaner

the robot vacuum mop, can, thanks to artificial intelligence, know if it is close to the end or if there is an obstacle ahead. This trait allows him to move efficiently and avoid stairs. Likewise, he can move cautiously around chairs, tables, and large objects. After finishing performing a task, this robot calmly returns to its base. He also returns to his base when his bacteria are discharged during a cleaning routine. Then it returns to complete its mission after recharging.

A connected and intelligent robot

Dreame Z10 Pro: connected robot vacuum cleaner

If you need good suction, Z10 drama is the ideal vacuum cleaner for you. The device deserves the name probecause it makes your life easier. With the Z10 pro robotic vacuum cleaner, you don’t need to get up to turn it on. he is connected to your smartphone and can also be vocally contrasted with axela or google home. Then you can stay in the chair to start your robot vacuum cleaner. Also, you can watch television or chat and put your own robot Working. You can then use the remote control to direct it to tight places.

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Take advantage of the best promotions for robot vacuum cleaners during Black Friday

Black Friday gives you the chance to access very generous and tempting offers. Fascinating promotions will be available, especially on the Dreame Z10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner and mop models. Take advantage of this unique opportunity now!

Officially the Black Friday that’s why Friday, November 24, 2022. It’s worth noting that you have all week to take advantage of these offers, as we’re talking more Black Friday week. Black Friday week is a great opportunity to buy a robot vacuum cleaner at Best price. You have the opportunity to enjoy the best promotions save money. This is an opportunity to enjoy a good plan become the owner of a vacuum cleaner cheap.

It is true that the discounts they last all week and until Cyber ​​Monday. However, if you want to buy a robot vacuum cleaner, it is advisable to make your choice as soon as possible. Indeed, the items with the best promotions find themselves sold out very quickly. There may not be one for everyone. So hurry up to complete your purchase Dreame Z10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner and benefit from special exclusive.

Reasons to buy the Dreame Z10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner on sale during Black Friday 2022

For 65 days, you don’t have to worry about cleaning

The Z10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner comes with a large 4L dust bag that can work up to 65 consecutive days. This reduces the need to clean up debris. The dust bag is sealed and easy to replace, and does not come into contact with dirt or dust. It offers more convenience and comfort to users.

Powerful 4000Pa suction and 150 minutes battery life

Dreame Z10Pro robot vacuum cleaner has the strongest suction power of 4000 Pa. It can easily remove dirt from the floor. Four suction modes can be chosen according to the amount of dirt, and 150 minutes of continuous cleaning can be performed to clean large spaces at the same time.

dreame z10 pro robot vacuum cleaner

LiDAR navigation and 3D obstacle avoidance

With LiDAR navigation and other advanced mapping features, it will provide the most efficient user experience when planning routes; With 3D laser line obstacle avoidance technology, you will minimize collisions, protecting your furniture and vacuum cleaner.

2 in 1 vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner

The Z10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a station with a 400ml dust container and a 150ml electric water tank with three adjustable water volumes, precise level control and effective stain removal.

App intelligent voice control

The app remote control allows you to change the suction power, set the forbidden area, clean the area, etc. When connected to Alexa, the robot instantly responds to voice commands, Dreame Z10Pro will make cleaning easier for you.

All accessories are included and there is a 24 month guarantee.

Side Brush*1 Main Brush*1 (installed in the robot), Dust Bin Filter*1 (installed in the robot), Water Tank*1+Washable Cloth*1 Charging Base (Dust Bin)* 1 Manual* 1 Quick Start Guide* 1, dust bag* 2. Know that Dreame offers you 24 months warranty, plus repair and advice.

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