Poland: Lewandowski, nerves (still) alive

Expected to take turns after a completely failed edition in Russia, Robert Lewandowski entered the World Cup in Qatar very badly with a missed penalty against Mexico (0-0) on Tuesday. Instead of keeping a low profile, the Poland striker once again blamed his coach.

Lewandowski is not yet in his plate with the selection…

Robert Lewandowski (34) is a football legend. With over 600 goals in his career, the FC Barcelona striker is one of the best finishers in his sport. But the Pole has an Achilles heel: his selection.

Impressive at Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich and now Catalonia, the White Eagles captain has never given satisfaction to his country. And his last appearance has done nothing to help this reality.

A wrong penalty that hurts

Indeed, the Barcelona striker missed his match against Mexico (0-0) on Tuesday for Poland’s first in Qatar. In a fixed match dominated by the Tri, the 2nd for the 2021 Ballon d’Or still had the opportunity to put his team on the right path. But he lost his lucidity in converting his own penalty after failing against the imperturbable and still exceptional Guillermo Ochoa. A mouse that prevented his team from taking the lead in a group where Saudi Arabia created a surprise by beating Argentina (2-1), a few hours earlier.

Lewandowski as in 2018

Inevitably this missed penalty weighs down and will weigh down Poland in their desire to qualify for the knockout stages. But while he might have kept a low profile to try to rally against the Falcons on Saturday, Lewandowski couldn’t help but slip a tackle supported by his coach, Czeslaw Michniewicz. It’s hard for a striker to run from his own half, but that’s the coach’s game plan released the Polish captain at a press conference. Obviously I want to have balls in the opponent’s box, but I also know it’s complicated. You have to accept the style in which we play.

An understandable frustration for a player of these qualities but who doesn’t really do him credit. Because after the fiasco four years ago, Lewandowski doesn’t seem to have learned his lesson. At the time, the former Bayern glory hadn’t been kind to his former coach, Adam Nawalka, who he accused of playing too cautiously after his early setback against Senegal (1-2). An exit that had weakened the selection of him, thrown out by Russia after only two games. If he doesn’t want history to repeat itself, the Barcelona striker will probably have to show a different frame of mind. And start taking responsibility.

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