pirated games on the Sony console soon?

Two years after its release, the hackers managed to jailbreak the PS5, which leaves the door open to pirated games.

In a few weeks, the PS5 will blow out its second candle, and hackers have been busy for the past couple of years. While most enjoyed creating high-performance robots to commandeer as many PS5s as possible as soon as it was restocked on retailer sites, others used their time on equally questionable hacking activities.

During the day of October 3 we got through the networks PS5 jailbreak confirmation. This is Lance McDonald, a famous insider but also a talented modder, who shares a short video of his console, whose interface has undergone important changes. See for yourself, the modder is able to unlock debug settings allowing him to download files obtained by devious means.

A first jailbreak

If you don’t know what jailbreak means, it is a jailbreak action that allows the user to exploit their device to the fullest of its capabilities and unlock all facets of their operating system. To do this, the hacker bypasses and unlocks the security and restrictions imposed by the default manufacturer. It’s the equivalent of God Mode for budding developers.

In principle, this action is not illegal and therefore cannot be attributed to a benevolent user. However, this type of approach is rarely undertaken for indisputable moral purposes. This is often the first step towards downloading and using pirated games, something that every manufacturer fears. That’s why this video is obviously bad news for Sony … which still doesn’t have much to worry about.

Sony in trouble? Not much

For the moment, this jailbreak is at least partial and usable only under certain very specific conditions. Lance McDonald had to limit himself to an older version of the operating system and was able to download an otherwise inaccessible demo without being able to play it. On Twitter, the modder also had to justify his actions and the implementation of the jailbreak on his console. He explains :

People seem to misunderstand: I legally have PT on my PSN account, I was able to use the debug menu to install PT from a USB drive, bypassing both the PlayStation Store blacklist placed on this game and the fact that the game is been removed from Konami. However, there is a second blacklist on the PS5 itself that prevents you from launching the game even if you manage to install it AND have a license to run it. There is (yet) no way to modify or destroy this blacklist. “

It therefore remains to make “progress” before the PS5 reveals all its secrets to us. We remind you, however, that piracy is punishable by law and therefore it is not an activity to be considered, despite all the technical and technological prowess it can demonstrate.

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