PHOTO Kate Middleton: wears the dress that perfectly highlights the waist, and is regal

Icon of elegance, Kate Middleton still inspires us with her always impeccable outfits. Recently, she won us over with an avalanche of brightly colored dresses with her perfect fit to enhance her figure.

In terms of style, Kate Middleton is pretty classic. The princess of wales she loves pastel-colored suits, nude pumps and high-waisted trousers. Having dared to flaunt mini shorts and cargo pants during her latest official performances, she likes to find her foundation. Kate Middleton has the gift of multiplying her colorful and sophisticated appearances thanks to a dress in particular that emphasizes her slim waist and twirls around her legs. And this vintage-looking piece is sure to be a trend going around the world.

Kate Middleton revives the princess dress trend

It is because she comes to acquire the title of Princess of Wales Kate Middleton literally became addicted to this trend or simply because it fits like a glove? We probably won’t know. But either way, he seems to have found his true signature style. Over the years, we have noticed that the cut of a dress keeps returning to its everyday style. After brilliantly trying on the bohemian dress and baggy pants, she undoubtedly returns to his lifelong love: the princess dress.
It’s about a Tight fitting piece that flares elegantly from the waist. Unlike the trapeze dress, the princess has two distinct parts and the skirt is often fluid. Kate Middleton wears her mid-calf princess dresses, as they did in the 1950s. The little detail that hits the mark? The tone-on-tone belt on each of her dresses she adds the touch of Kate!

In homage to Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton becomes the rainbow princess

The Prince William’s wife seems to follow in the footsteps of Elizabeth II, known for showing off the most colorful clothes around. A turn of her, Kate Middleton connects the looks all more vivid than the other. Unlike she prefers the princess dress rather than the full jacket and skirt. With a blue polka dot dress Wimbledonin sunflower yellow for his hospital visit, in satin green for British Fashion Council… her wardrobe is a real rainbow. And when he’s too cold to just wear a dress, she adopts it the same silhouette but in a coat version. The princess coat it also has a curved torso and a flared second part. She is the absolute feminine silhouette!

Kate Middleton in a Karen Millen princess dress Dana Press / Bestimage
Kate Middleton in blue polka dot princess dress Alessandra Rich Getty
Kate Middleton in the pink princess dress Beulah London Block Stephen / I-Images / ABACA
Kate Middleton in a green Edeline Lee princess dress Julien Burton / Bestimage

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