Perpignan: Generation Y, Japanese video games and manga, welcome to the world of “cosplayers”

An attendance that rivals traditional exhibitions or fairs. This weekend, the “Perpignan Japan Geek Festival” attracted around 7,000 visitors over two days. With enthusiasts from the department but also from the Aude and all of Occitania. Because the phenomenon is growing. The universe of manga and video games has exploded among the counters of the Palais des Congrès.

A colorful queue awaits its turn before entering the Palais des Congrès this Sunday morning. I imagine Mario Bros, Pikachu but difficult to recognize the other fantastic characters that serve as costumes for other visitors eager to discover this “Perpignan Japan Geek festival”. A meeting for the less iconoclasts where “cosplay” is king. We must immediately define this term “cosplay” made up of the English words “costume” and “play” (“to play”), which has become the emblem of several generations of “millennials”, and beyond. Indeed, it is impossible to fully understand the spirit of the event without some elements of explanation. In short, when you see a little girl or a boy disguised as a ninja princess in a miniskirt with a saber in her back, it means that you come across a cosplay enthusiast.

In fact, the most recurring themes are the characters of manga, Japanese animated comics, cartoons, films, video games and American comics from the 70s. This is THE culture of the moment among young teenagers. . With stars like Pikachu or Naruto for insiders. And the goal of these very popular festivals in the United States, such as the one organized this weekend in Perpignan, is to give fans a place of expression to be able to play the role of an imaginary character by imitating their costume, hair and make-up .

Time for a “conference” or a party like that. A community of “cosplayers” that continues to grow as Camille or rather Toriel explains, in the magnificent disguises of one of the heroines of the Undertale video game. This young 18-year-old cosplayer, originally from Baho, didn’t come just to make some extras in the corridors of the festival. “What matters is the Sunday afternoon cosplay contest where the best costumes of the convention will be awarded. Even if these are not qualifying events for other contests, it is always very nice to participate in an event like this. In any case, there are many people and this shows that “cosplay” has more and more fans…” Camille will make this competition an additional experience before going to parade in a few weeks at the “Toulouse Game Show”, the highlight of the cosplay community in the Occitania region. With why not the hope of parading in the biggest cosplay “conventions” in the world.

Youtube “guest” stars and cartoons in Perpignan

You have to be part of the geek community, that of absolute fans of video games and manga to fully understand the question of the purchases that took place on the sidelines of this Perpignan Japan Geek Festival. In front of the elevators of the Palais des Congrès, we gather this Sunday at noon to reach the seventh floor where the “guests” of this conference will meet their audience. Among the YouTubers who have come to Perpignan at a good price we can mention Friegel, one of the French videographers best known for his videos on Minecraft, Fortnite, Overwatch. He has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. In the same register, David Lafarge was also in Perpignan. He is the leading YouTuber dedicated to the Pokémon universe with also a community of 2 million YouTube subscribers. Finally, Brigitte Le Cordier, voice actress known for being the French voice of San Goku in the cult cartoon Dragon Ball Z.

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