Pascal Praud and Christian Ollivier clash on RTL over boycott of World Cup in Qatar

ActorStudio. This Thursday, in “Listeners have the floor” on RTL, Pascal Praud discussed with Christian Ollivier, head of the broadcaster’s sports department, whether or not French viewers will boycott the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. More than 12.5 million viewers tuned into TF1 on Tuesday night to follow the Blues’ first steps in the competition, according to Médiamétrie.

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“Where do you want to get Pascal Praud?”

An identical number of spectators to the debut of the French team at the 2018 World Cup. The share is lower, under 50%. However, the comparison is very risky given that four years ago the match was aired on a Saturday noon in June 2018, at which time, “Le Parisien” recalls, Médiamétrie did not take into account the public away from home, in particular that of bars and restaurants broadcasting matches…

Pascal Praud, went even further back in time. Strengthened by the ratings of the 2006 World Cup, the presenter of the program “Les auditioners ont la parole” informed his interlocutor of the more measured enthusiasm of the French for this World Cup in Qatar, the host country indicated for its contempt for human rights and its climatic inertia. Christian Ollivier’s blood then only went one lap. “Where do you want to get Pascal? I don’t quite understand the meaning of your comments. What is happening ?“, he scolded her.”You were the first to tell us at the start of the World Cup that we had to de-politicize this competition, that we were going to enjoy ourselves and that we shouldn’t take – the term is perhaps badly chosen by the way – ‘hostage’ footballers who are citizens despite everything. You’re the killjoy there, for once!“, He attacked.

I’m not the killjoy. The numbers are stubborn”, Pascal Praud replied, before being interrupted by his colleague. “Broaden the conversation a bit. Nor should we engage in ostrich politics. However, there is a World Cup that starts well with a good show“, noted the sportscaster.

“You’re kidding us”

If Christian Ollivier Regrets”that Fifa has not given up the ballast with respect to the requests of certain nations“, rejoices”beautiful images with German footballers who put their hands over their mouths, showing that they are gagged“.”I saw a Belgian minister, a German minister discussing with (Gianni) Infantino (President of Fifa, ed) or officials from Qatar. They wore an armband or a rainbow dress. There are still very symbolic things“.

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And you said them, and I thank you for that, and we’re late. It’s 1:13 pm It’s the break and then we change the subject“, cuts Pascal Praud short. “Well, then, under these conditions…”, complained Christian Ollivier. “Bah in these conditions, it’s breaking. Soon”concluded Pascal Praud. puremedias. com invites you to view the sequence.

Back on the air after the break, Pascal Praud wanted “Thanks Christian Oliver“,”although I feel it not satisfied with our exchange“.”You are the Gianni Infantino of the media, Pascal Praud“, continued, not without second degree, the somewhat frustrated journalist.”Reduce our field of expression, there were many things to say. You focus on the TV audience (…) You’re gagging us“, pretended to think Christian Ollivier with his hand in front of his mouth. “But that was your question, the boycott! The boycott takes place through television, radio (…) It is an indicator“, concluded Pascal Praud.

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